'WandaVision' Series Premiere: MCU TV show marks new era in Marvel storytelling, but not what fans expected

The series' lighthearted tone and dedication to the sitcoms it homages have taken fans by surprise

                            'WandaVision' Series Premiere: MCU TV show marks new era in Marvel storytelling, but not what fans expected
Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff in 'WandaVision' (Marvel Studios)

Spoilers for 'WandaVision' Season 1 Episodes 1 & 2

It's been a long time since a new MCU project has been seen by fans, whether on the big screen or small, and 'WandaVision' marks an all-new era in Marvel storytelling. Not only does it kick off Phase 4 proper, but it also is the first of Marvel's new television projects that will further the stories of the MCU in new ways. The fans are used to light comedy and blockbuster action from their MCU films, however, and despite the tonal warnings that the trailer gave, the fans are a little surprised by what the series has ended up being.

The two-part premiere of the series stays mostly true to form as a homage, not a parody, to classic series such as 'I Love Lucy' and 'Bewitched', with not an explosion or thrown fist in sight, and for the most part, the fans are thrilled. "OMG #WandaVision is NAILING the script and aesthetic. Could have easily gone full parody but it feels like a legit show from that era. Perfection," wrote a fan. "Man #WandaVision is... really good. It just feels like something brand new," wrote another. "#WandaVision is so different to what I was expecting and that’s what I love the most about it!!! SO happy to have some new Marvel content and SO excited to see where this goes," wrote this user, sharing artwork made for the series.




The series is, however, not for everyone. Not all the fans are equally appreciative of the show's departure in tone from typical Marvel movies. "I'm on the second episode I can already tell I'm not a fan its probably gonna be the show I have on while I do other stuff," wrote one user. "Although I understand the concept and it’s not bad, actually very well done, I still would’ve preferred the regular Marvel style I’ve become accustomed to," wrote another.



For the most part, though, fans are excited about this new format, and what it might mean for other MCU shows ahead. "#WandaVision must have been a strange sell to everyone involved but I have so much respect for them seeing it through and producing something that is so far quite astounding. Love it," wrote a fan. "I think the first episode of #WandaVision may be one of the best things Marvel has created in a long time. Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany's chemistry is brilliant and the humour and setting makes for a truly unique comic book experience," said this viewer. One fan wondered how much the show would appeal to younger viewers, writing, "#WandaVision episode 1 is really only 22 minutes without the credits. It's so unique. I wonder if really young fans of the MCU wil be able to truly appreciate what they've created. I loved it. A throwback to the days of old sitcoms like I Love Lucy and Bewitched."




The next episode of 'WandaVision' airs January 22, on Disney+.