Wanda Vela: Viral video shows Bronx woman LOCK herself to avoid NYC subway shovers

'Back in the day the cops and the Guardian Angels helped a lot on the subways,' the 51-year-old subway traveler said

                            Wanda Vela: Viral video shows Bronx woman LOCK herself to avoid NYC subway shovers
The screenshots of the viral video showing Wanda Vela (TikTok/@wandavela2)

A woman has gone viral on TikTok after she revealed her bizarre way to avoid subway shovers. Wanda Vela shared a video on the social media platform showing the viewers that she ties herself to the nearest platform pole so that she can stay safe when riding the subway.

The 51-year-old, who goes daily to Manhattan by train where she works as a home health attendant, posted the video earlier this week that showed her strapping herself to the pole with a bike lock while waiting for a train. She said, “It’s bad out here. People want to push people into trains — that ain’t gonna happen to me.”


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Vela told The Post that she’s been tying herself to the pole for the last two months after a “crazy man” confronted her on a platform. The encounter reportedly left her anxious and she found her safety in the bike lock. “With the chain I relax more because I know no one is going to come from behind and push me at all. When the train comes I unlock it and get on the train,” she noted.

The grandmother then went on to say that she’ll continue to do so until more cops start patrolling the trains amid the spike in crime and subway shovers. She added, “We need more cops around. But until I start seeing them, I’ll do this. It makes me feel like nobody can throw me on the tracks. I don’t care if they snatch my purse, I just don’t want to lose my life. A lot of New Yorkers are not going to want to wrap a bicycle chain around them, so we need a train unit. The presence of cops stops them from doing this stuff to people. Back in the day the cops and the Guardian Angels helped a lot on the subways, I remember. Now, you hardly ever see the cops down in the tunnel or on the platforms.”

As per reports, Vela’s TikTok video has received more than two million views and many have found her radical advice worthy. A viewer commented, “I know some ppl take this as a joke… but if you take the train, this is a REAL fear.” Another one said, “I hold on to the pole anytime the train is coming. She’s not exaggerating the dangers.”

People also reacted on Twitter over Vela’s safety measures. A user tweeted, “This lady is a primo example of why you never need to worry about New Yorkers.” Another one wrote: “Got to love my New York people. I’m screaming right now.”





The positive reactions have left Vela happily shocked as she said, “I didn’t think it was going to get this much attention at all. I read the comments on TikTok… people saying ‘I’m going to buy me a chain and I’m going to do the same’. It makes me feel safe.”

This comes after a woman was pushed onto the subway tracks in a Times Square station in early November by a person, but good Samaritans rescued her and also handed over the suspect to the cops. The unnamed woman reportedly suffered head injuries and she was rushed to Bellevue Hospital for treatment.

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