'Walking Dead: World Beyond' Episode 8: Gamechanging cliffhanger has shocked fans asking 'what the Huck?'

The final moments of the latest 'Walking Dead: World Beyond' episode contain a major revelation about Huck's life and the fans are left reeling

                            'Walking Dead: World Beyond' Episode 8: Gamechanging cliffhanger has shocked fans asking 'what the Huck?'

Spoilers for 'The Walking Dead: World Beyond' Season 1 Episode 8 'The Sky Is a Graveyard'

It turns out you can't trust anyone, especially when the CRM is involved. In the latest episode of 'The Walking Dead: World Beyond', a last-minute cliffhanger revealed that there's a spy in their midst and that it's none other than Huck (Annet Mahendru). Not only is Huck a spy for the CRM, but it turns out that she may be the daughter of high-ranking CRM leader Elizabeth Kubleck (Julia Ormond), a revelation that comes when the group is at its lowest point.

There were several who called out the moment, but many more who were taken completely by surprise and the revelation has raised a lot of questions. "What the Actual Heck? I didn't see this coming!!! She's Elizabeth's daughter?! Does Felix know? Whose the asset? Is it Hope? Is Huck bad? Does she know what happened to their home?" inquires one fan, on Twitter. Another fan wants to know how they got here in the first place, as in the last episode, we saw Huck take a decidedly anti-authoritarian approach to save lives. "How Huck go from killing her squadron to save civilians to betraying them and being an CRM spy???" writes a fan. "The mood after #TWDWorldBeyond tonight is definitely WHAT THE HUCK!???" writes another.




Many fans of the character were hit hard by the revelation that Huck's a traitor. "I really liked Huck I honestly feel so betrayed right now and I’m not even in the damn show," writes a fan. "Huck is my favourite World Beyond character and I don't know how to proceed after the end of this ep," writes a viewer. Some fans point out that, given Huck's betrayal, it's likely that she's the one who murdered Tony (Scott Adsit) and Percy (Ted Sutherland). "so if huck is secretly working with elizabeth, does this mean she was the one that actually killed tony & blamed silas' for killing him?" asks one fan. Whether or not it was her plan, the murder has opened up a rift in the group, and they are split up in ways that make them a lot more vulnerable to the CRM.





Of course, the biggest question of all is what happens when the rest of the group finds out that Huck has been going behind their backs as an agent of the CRM - or will her betrayal break the group apart forever? "The kids and Felix find a way to forgive Silas for his sins. Will they give the same for Huck when her sins come to call? That might reunite the torn group...or further drive them apart for the darkness to claim," says one fan.


The next two episodes of 'The Walking Dead' air back-to-back on November 29 on AMC.  

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