Wale releases new EP titled 'Free Lunch' featuring J Cole and Eric Bellinger

Grammy award-winning rapper Wale released his new 'Free Lunch' EP after signing a new deal with Warner Bros Records

                            Wale releases new EP titled 'Free Lunch' featuring J Cole and Eric Bellinger

Grammy-winning rapper Wale's made his first offering via his new deal with Warner Bros Records with the new 'Free Lunch' EP.

The album runs solo on three of the five tracks with features coming from J Cole and Eric Bellinger. Having previously worked together on 'Beautiful Bliss', 'Winter Schemes' and 'Bad Girls Club', Cole and Wale combine their lyrical brilliance on 'My Boy (Freestyle).'

First, Wale starts of by rapping, "I know every who and who and every who that I'm around/And what you call a piece of mind, I call a picture for a bounty." Cole matches his rhyming, "Run, n---a, run like a fucking black quarterback (uh)/Stereotypical, but to hear me is spiritual/I will bury you n---as and come and air out your funeral/Have your homies on stretchers right next to Roman numerals."

The EP title is a nod to a tradition of the Black Panther party known as 'Free Breakfast'. As part of myriad social and community initiatives, the Panthers would institute kitchens across North America to feed impoverished inner-city youth prior to school, as research proved that the most important meal of the day encouraged the best performance from students. By the end of 1969, they fed 10,000-plus children on a daily basis. Wale brings this concept to life in the recently released music video for 'Black Bonnie'.

In order to bring the release to the people, Wale partnered with Postmates after a Twitter altercation with the delivery service.


Wale then decided he could work with Postmates to provide better service by offering the code #WaleFreeLunch so that fans and users everywhere can get food delivered for free. 


Free Lunch sees Wale at his most dynamic. Through tightly woven rhymes, provocative lyricism, and soulful hooks, the MC delivers a politically charged statement that’s as timely as it is thoughtful. It satiates the fan appetite for music as he puts the finishing touches on his forthcoming sixth full-length and first album for Warner Bros Records, arriving this fall.

Before his arrival at Warner, Wale released two EPs in 'It's Complicated' and 'Self-Promotion'.

Listen to 'Free Lunch' below.