Woman flung off ride like 'ragdoll' survives with broken jaw, wants Airmaxx 360 removed

Ex waitress Jade Harrison, 21, has a long way to recovery as metal plates had to be inserted to keep her face together.

                            Woman flung off ride like 'ragdoll' survives with broken jaw, wants Airmaxx 360 removed
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Jade Harrison, 21, was flung off a Hull Fair ride "like a rag doll." She said, "everyone thought I was dead." Harrison is now looking at weeks in recovery post having a two-hour jaw operation where she had to have metal plates inserted to keep her face together. The ex-waitress is now too embarrassed and ashamed to show her face in new photographs. She said she wanted to see the Airmaxx 360 ride which almost killed her taken off for good. 

Almost nine days after the accident, Harrison was still unable to smile due to her severe facial injuries. She also lost a tooth and is likely to lose two more. She is also looking at weeks on liquid food. Harrison has instructed personal injury expert Hudgell Solicitors to seek a transparent investigation into the incident. 

Harrison is looking for answers as to why she was flung 10-15 feet into the air from the ride. She then hit a teenage boy who was on the nearby Sizzler ride. The young woman says that the ordeal has had a very traumatic effect on her and all she remembers is waking up with her mouth full of blood.

As reported by The Sun, Harrison said, "I remember the process of getting on the ride, the ride started, and as it started, the barrier clicked a bit, I said to my friend 'Did yours just click?' and he said 'yes', so I thought that was fine. We must have been halfway through the ride, it was bouncing a lot, spinning us around, it was OK, but then the actual carriage position of it changed, so all our weight was facing forwards onto the bar. My body was being pushed forwards and into the barrier."

"It started to bounce and that's when remember it tilting – I was worried about coming out but that's the last thing I remember thinking," she continued. "People thought I was dead."

She recalled waking up surrounded by strangers and first thought that she was in a dream. "Then realized it wasn't a dream and that's when I started to panic and people were telling me not to move", she said. The same ride is believed to have taken the life of an 8-year-old child in Australia around 5 years ago. 

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