What is Wack 100's net worth? Blueface and The Game's manager squares up against 2 White men after verbal abuse

In the clip, 'the two guys swing on Wack, who fends off their blows and strikes back while making him fall back and bleed a bit'

                            What is Wack 100's net worth? Blueface and The Game's manager squares up against 2 White men after verbal abuse
Wack 100 (Getty Images)

The Game and Blueface's manager, Wack 100, squared up against two white men, according to an exclusive TMZ report. The music manager got involved in the brawl after they allegedly hurled an epithet, which Wack says sparked the brawl. If the report is to be believed, sources told the outlet that Wack was at Primo Burgers in Lancaster, California, on Saturday, December 19, 2020, when he encountered a couple of guys who were allegedly burning rubber behind him.

“We're told Wack asked them to stop, as he feared they'd lose control of the car. The response we're told he allegedly got from them in return — 'Mind your f****** business [epithet].' Our Wack sources say the men proceeded to get out of their vehicle, at which point Wack got out too... ready to defend himself.” The same report also notes that the video does not contain any epithets. 

In the clip uploaded on the site, “The two guys swing on Wack, who fends off their blows and strikes back while making him fall back on his ass and bleed a bit.” As Wack 100 starts to defend the other guy, many others gather around to see what the commotion is all about. After leaving the spot, Wack told TMZ, “It's fine...” It seems the three then left without any police involvement.

Wack 100 (Getty Images)

Who is Wack 100?

Born on April 7 in the United States, 1977, Wack 100 is a music executive based in Los Angeles, California. His real name is Cash Jones best known as the manager of rappers The Game and Blueface — a City Of Angels product who signed with Cash Money Records. In 2018, he pitched Cash Money West to Birdman and has reportedly also managed Ray J and DJ Kay Slay.

TMZ previously reported that Wack insulted Nipsey Hussle. He told the outlet, “What’s a legend? Define a legend?” and continued, “Let’s keep it real: if Dr Dre died right now, we would say we lost a legend, right? Based upon what? Numbers, right? Body of work. How many albums did Nipsey drop? One album. This not no personal sh*t I’m talking about. This just some real s**t… We have to define what the f**k a legend is.” I

In the same statement, Wack clarified, “The truth could never be defined as disrespect. If it is, that means you lying to your motherf**king self. That’s like a motherf**ker saying ‘Aye, Wack. You a little short motherf**ker.’ And I get mad. [But] that’s the truth.”

(L-R) Jacquees, Birdman, Wack 100 and guest attend Republic Records Celebrates Their Class Of 2019 (Getty Images)

Moreover, he also justified the actions of Nipsey Hussle’s alleged killer, Eric Holder, on the No Jumper Podcast. In fact, it was reported that one of Nip’s old security team members, J Roc, attacked Wack 100 during last weekend’s Rolling Loud Los Angeles concert fanfare. TMZ wrote about the incident, “We’re told J Roc punched Wack several times in the face, then took off. Video of the aftermath shows an angry Wack having to be restrained from going after J Roc by venue security.”

However, Wack denied those reports saying, “Whooping Wack’s a** takes more than words it takes a action,” he said. “Next time you send a motherf*cker, don’t send one who knows how to run, send one who knows how to fight.” He is also known for his beef with several rappers over his controversial opinions of Tupac Shakur, E-40, and YG. 

Interestingly, The Game doesn't quite agree with Wack 100's opinions. Speaking to Talib Kweli on The People’s Party Podcast, he said, “I don’t agree on everything that Wack 100] says, but that’s his opinion… I don’t like being put in the middle of that sh*t.” adding, “Wack probably needs to think a little bit more and get his point across so that the masses can understand.”

Birdman (L) and Wack 100 (Getty Images)

What is his net worth?

Married to his childhood sweetheart Kimberly Jones for over 25 years, the couple has two children, Prince and Devyn Jones. Wack 100 is said to have an estimated net worth of about $3 million. 

Recently, he posted a picture on Instagram and wrote, “I ain’t never rented my red flag Chevy out for a photo shoot. @iamcardib had it in the video for free - Property of a #ValleyPiru don’t get it f**ked up —- Them PP in the knock off for a reason —- #RuspectIt.”

On December 7, in another Instagram post, he wrote, “Lotta silent competition going on. Lotta sneak dissing, Lotta band wagon shit - I’ve learned that the bigger the balloon the more AIR - Hope that didn’t go over ya head - Don’t glorify the man that was SHOT he wasn’t READY don’t glorify the man that did years in jail HE GOT CAUGHT - Don’t salute the man with many Followers he lacks future leaders & his movement will DIE when he dies - And don’t be fooled by EXCUSES of why HE is where he’s at and they ain’t - That’s a excuse for your FAILURE - Put no value in ones words if the action don’t add up.”

Wack 100 and Kimberly Jones (Getty Images)
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