Jax Taylor tells Lisa 'Vanderpump Rules' is his show, fans say just rip up his contract and fire him

Fans weren't here for Jax and his claims that 'Vanderpump Rules' is his show

                            Jax Taylor tells Lisa 'Vanderpump Rules' is his show, fans say just rip up his contract and fire him
Lisa Vanderpump and Jax Taylor (Getty Images)

Lisa Vanderpump is without a doubt one of the kindest and most successful businesswomen. But she won't think twice before getting her claws out if anybody crosses her or questions her authority. We have all watched Jax Taylor over the past few seasons acting like it's his show and asserting his power over anybody willing to comply (looking at you Brittany Cartwright). Lisa finally set Jax straight during the finale of 'Vanderpump Rules'.

Jax and Tom Sandoval got into a heated argument when Sandoval pointed out to Jax that he makes everything about himself. Sandoval openly wondered why everything has to be about Jax and why can't he ever be happy for Sandoval or his successes. Their heated argument ended with Sandoval clearly establishing his boundaries and telling Jax that he won't be wasting any more of his love and energy where it isn't appreciated and he requested Jax to stop engaging in his toxic behavior. 

Sandoval stormed out angrily, while a puzzled Jax walked up to Lisa. Lisa seemed genuinely surprised at seeing Jax and Sandoval's decades-long friendship fall apart, and expressed the same to Jax. He immediately corrected Lisa by saying that their friendship isn't over. He muttered that it isn't just a television show, it is his life. He then said, "These are my true friends. This is why my show is successful." Lisa immediately called him out for claiming that the show is his. She fired back with, "It’s actually not your show. It’s actually my show. I put your ass on it so don’t be disrespectful to me! Don’t make yourself feel more special than you are. #PumpRules #VanderPumpRules." 




Fans were very amused with how easily Jax called the show his show and that too to Lisa Vanderpump, whose name is on the show. A fan tweeted, "Did Jax just say this is why “my” show is successful to Lisa? Who’s name is literally in said shows title and if it wasn’t for her, people wouldn’t know who he was. #PumpRules." Another fan wrote, "The best part of this entire season was Jax trying to call it “his show” and Lisa smacking him back to reality. #PumpRules."

Several fans began demanding that he be fired from the show. A fan commented, "I'm sorry but did Jax say “my show?” Oh hellllllll nooooo! He needs to get off that damn high horse! If there happens to be a season 9, I hope that was the last straw for Lisa firing him! #PumpRules." Another fan expressed, "Jax yelling at LVP saying “this is my show!” He never seizes to amaze me. Someone please rip up his contract. #PumpRules." "THIS IS MY SHOW” ?????? Jax Taylor is officially Vicki Gunvalson! Fire him! #PumpRules," joked a fan.

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