‘Vanderpump Rules’: Tom Schwartz gets mean with Katie Maloney, shocked fans say 'she doesn't deserve this'

Katie is not a fan favorite but her husband's behavior with her didn't amuse fans at all

                            ‘Vanderpump Rules’: Tom Schwartz gets mean with Katie Maloney, shocked fans say 'she doesn't deserve this'
Tom Schwartz, Katie Maloney (Getty Images)

The latest episode of ‘Vanderpump Rules’ showcased a different side of Tom Schwartz. The usually goofy and fun Schwartz became an unrecognizable mean and grumpy person. Tom’s wife Katie Maloney may not be the fan-favorite cast member but even fans couldn’t help but side with her after Schwartz snapped at her in front of their friends.

In case you’re wondering what made Schwartz snap at Katie, then here is a quick rundown.

Schwartz and other cast members were at a party at Tom Sandoval’s house. Jax Taylor and Lala’s boyfriend Randall Emmett prank Sandoval by hiring fake cops and getting him arrested for vandalism. Later, when it was revealed that it was all just a prank and Sandoval isn’t in any sort of trouble, almost everybody laughed it off, except for Katie and Sandoval’s girlfriend Ariana Madix.

Ariana and Katie felt that the prank was in a poor taste, and it was very tone-deaf and insensitive. While Ariana expressed her thoughts in the privacy of her confessional, Katie voiced out in the open at the party.

Schwartz got annoyed when his wife kept repeating about how the prank was not funny and she didn’t like it. He asks her to shut up and says nasty things to her. He can be heard saying that she isn’t fun and that’s why he doesn’t sleep with her anymore. Just as he was about to say more mean things to her, Sandoval rushes and tries to calm down Schwartz and stops him from saying anything further to Katie.

Later in her confessional, Katie expresses how this isn’t the first time Schwartz behaved so awfully with her. She then recollects an incident from their trip to Mexico, when he spoke badly to her. She says that the only difference was in Mexico it was a private conversation, but now it was in public in front of all their friends.

Fans slammed Schwartz for being so awful to Katie. A fan tweeted, “Tom schwartz is awful for talking to katie like that #PumpRules.” Another fan wrote, “The way Schwartz talked to Katie was completely unacceptable just like the way James talked to Raquel was-I’m sick of the men getting away w everything on this show bc y’all think they’re cute #pumprules.”

Several fans were surprised that a day had come when they’d be defending Katie. A fan shared, “The fact that Schwartz has me defending Katie, shows he messed up and I need him to stop this. She doesn’t deserve this. Not from her husband. #PumpRules.”

Another fan echoed similar thoughts with, “Wow I never thought I'd be defending Katie but watching Schwartz speak to her THAT awfully over basically nothing was really, really gross. I think she sees her own toxic relationship in Kristen's which is why she's so mean to her #PumpRules.”

“Katie is insufferable no doubt, but Schwartz putting her down like that in front of everyone is so wrong. #PumpRules,” pointed out a fan.

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