Welcome to VPN World, will Trump's TikTok ban in the US see a surge in proxy use?

Generation Z is hell bent on using TikTok irrespective of ban or no ban

                            Welcome to VPN World, will Trump's TikTok ban in the US see a surge in proxy use?
(Microsoft/ TikTok)

During this dreadful quarantine time, many people turned to popular micro-video blogging app TikTok for entertainment. From catchy dancy moves to bizarre hacks, the video-blogging app instantly captivated people's attention. So, when President Donald Trump declared that he would be banning the Chinese app, people began to not only critique the President's hasty and somewhat unreasonable decision but also look for alternatives.

TikTok is extremely popular among the Gen-Z demographic. They might be young but they are definitely very tech-savvy demographic. So, as soon as they heard the news of Trump banning TikTok, they began looking for a solution to circumvent the ban. Very soon they found that a Virtual Private Network (VPN) as the answer to their problem. 

For those in the dark, a VPN is a private network across a public network and enables users to send and receive data across shared or public networks as if their computing devices were directly connected to the private network. Twitter was abuzz with youngsters discussing VPNs and other alternatives that they can use to still get access to their favorite social media platform and enjoy the catchy and creative content on it.

A user tweeted, "King Covid the 19th thought that TikTok and Gen Z were responsible for the pathetic turnout in Tampa today. It’s as if he doesn’t know what VPNs are (he probably doesn’t). When is someone going to give him two cans and a string and tell him it’s a new version of Twitter? Tik-Tok."


Another user wrote, "Nord & Express VPN is about to make BANK off tik tok kids buying vpns to get around the US tik tok ban."


"Does the Orange Man know that VPNs exist? I can simply just buy a VPN to use it! People are being murdered every day and he’s worried about a social media app because the majority of the users don’t like him!" expressed an annoyed user. Another user commented, "Banning tiktok will do nothing except force people to get vpns and a bunch of people will fall for the 'free' vpns which are super shady when it comes to selling data and have a litany of other security problems it’ll literally just make sh*t worse ."


"So let’s ban TikTok (he can’t) because the zoomers and kpop stans hurt the tangerine terrorist’s feelings. Do you want really want a revolt against you? Because this is how you get a revolt. #vpns #tiktokban #TrumpIsLosing," joked a fan.


"Figures tr*mp wants to ban TikTok right as my shadow ban appears to be lifted and all my likes and views are back. Luckily there are these things called VPNs that exist so he won’t actually ever stop me from using that app," revealed a user.

News of this ban comes after Trump had expressed keenness to ban all Chinese apps owing to ongoing political tension between the two countries surrounding the worldwide pandemic. As of now, Microsoft had been in talks to acquire the US operations of the Chinese-owned app, but Trump's alleged decision to actually ban the app arrived much more recently.

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