VP debate 2020 'Mike Pence vs Kamala Harris': Will Trump campaign agree to Covid-19 precautions advised by Biden?

When Biden found out that there would only be a 7-foot distance between his running mate Kamla Harris and Trump's candidate Mike Pence, he expressed displeasure

                            VP debate 2020 'Mike Pence vs Kamala Harris': Will Trump campaign agree to Covid-19 precautions advised by Biden?
Mike Pence, Donald Trump, Kamala Harris (Getty Images)

Joe Biden isn't leaving anything to chance when it comes to taking every precaution and measures possible to ensure that his staff and team are safe and healthy during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. So, when Biden and his team found out that there would only be 7-foot distance between his running mate - Kama Harris, and Trump's candidate - Mike Pence, during the upcoming Vice Presidential debate as part of Presidential Debates, Biden's campaign expressed their displeasure.

Biden's campaign raised health and safety objection with the Commission on Presidential Debates, stating that the distance between the two competing candidates during the debate isn't far enough to abide by the medical guidelines. On Friday, Trump and Biden's campaigns alongside the commission were trying to negotiate the terms for the Vice Presidential debates. The seven-foot separation guideline was in force even before the current President Donald Trump revealed earlier on Friday that he had tested positive for COVID-19. 

Biden's campaign has been strongly rallying for 12-feet or more of separation between Harris and Pence, while Pence's campaign is keen on maintaining the 7-feet of spacing and the candidates to sit. The social distancing guidelines recommend a minimum of 6 feet of space between individuals to limit the exposure to coronavirus. But Biden's campaign is arguing that the medical professionals recommend a greater distance of separation between individuals who will be spending a long time next to each other indoors, Biden's campaign officials reportedly feel that the candidate positioning is a "very serious concern". 

Pence and Harris are scheduled for a 90-minute debate on Wednesday night at Salt Lake City. POLITICO reported that Trump Campaign's spokesman, Tim Murtaugh, revealed that the campaign was trying to find a middle ground that would work for both Pence and Harris. “We are open to more space between the candidates, which we will be happy to negotiate,” Murtaugh said.

Internet users have begun slamming Trump's campaign and demanding that Harris be protected. A user tweeted, "There is already a “greater distance” between them .... Pence no way in Harris’s League." "Don’t you see, they are refusing more distance because Pence knows Harris will Pence will get his a** handed to him in a debate with her," wrote another user. 



Another user expressed, "The trump campaign are just a**holes. They should want more distance, too! Pence is scared and wants Harris to back out so he doesn't look like the weenie that he is. They could do the debate virtually, especially since Pence should be in quarantine! #VPDebate." "I can't even believe that they would go through with it at this point. Pence has been exposed, whether he gets sick or not. It's a huge risk for Kamala Harris.," pointed another concerned user. 



Few users began demanding for cancellation of the debate if the Trump campaign doesn't agree to the distancing rules. A user commented, "The Presidential Debate Committee is already refusing to increase the distance between Harris and Pence despite a request from the Biden/Harris campaign. So, if that’s going to be the case then they should be canceled. This isn’t a game." "@JoeBiden @KamalaHarris if they dont enforce those rules do NOT debate. It is not worth your health or lives. We are with you all the way. No covid super speader events necessary," echoed another user. 



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