VP Debate 2020: Will Jeff Goldblum play the fly that landed on Pence's head? Internet says ‘best idea ever’

VP Debate 2020: Will Jeff Goldblum play the fly that landed on Pence's head? Internet says ‘best idea ever’
Jeff Goldblum and Mike Pence (Getty Images)

Vice President Mike Pence and Senator Kamala Harris came face-to-face in the first and only Vice Presidential Debate this year on Wednesday night, October 7, at the University of Utah's Kingsbury Hall in Salt Lake City. The two spoke on a variety of topics — from coronavirus to climate change.

However, apart from the serious discussions, something else became a point of discussion on the internet. During the debate, a fly or some kind of bug landed on Pence's hair for several minutes as he answered questions and responded to Harris. Soon the fly became the star on Twitter and many started discussing it.

One interesting topic that came out was that many users started talking about Jeff Goldblum. To give you some context, Goldblum starred in the 1986 American sci-fi film 'The Fly'. It was directed and co-written by David Cronenberg. It narrates the story of an eccentric scientist who, after one of his experiments goes wrong, slowly turns into a fly-hybrid creature. The scientist was played by Goldblum.

Most political news or events – especially presidential debates and similar events – often end up being a part of 'Saturday Night Live' as a parody. Last week, we saw the first presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden being parodied by Alec Baldwin (as Trump) and Jim Carrey (as Biden). So, a lot of people are expecting the upcoming episode of the show to incorporate this particular "fly incident" and have Jeff Goldblum play it.

Media personality Kara Henderson said, "Jeff Goldblum — please please make yourself available for SNL this week." Another user said, "Jeff Goldblum reading the text from Lorne Michaels asking if he's available to play the fly during the cold open on Saturday night." One requested, "@nbcsnl please get Jeff Goldblum to play the fly in next weekend's cold open."

Another concurred, "@nbcsnl Best post debate tweet suggests that Jeff Goldblum play Pence's The Fly Saturday night. Best idea ever!!” A user asked, "Did Jeff Goldblum's 'The Fly' just win the debate?" Another said, "Congrats to Jeff Goldblum for getting to reprise his role as 'The Fly' on SNL this weekend."

One user said, "I think that's Jeff Goldblum's cue to make an appearance on SNL this weekend! Yaaaaas! LOL." A user tweeted, "I don't know who will play Pence or Harris, but SNL has to get Jeff Goldblum to play the fly, right?" One noted, "The Fly is trending and I thought it was the Jeff Goldblum classic but I find that it's something that happened during Pence's Debate....So why not put them together! (I can't be the only one that thought of this!)"

One user said, "In case you were wondering why Jeff Goldblum was trending. Good to know that a fly landing on someone's head was the most interesting take-out from the Vice-Presidential Debate. I weep for you, America. I weep." A user joked, "Congratulations Jeff Goldblum on winning the 2020 vice presidential debate." A user wondered, "Will Jeff Goldblum reprise his role as the fly on @nbcsnl this week? Must be part of the debate sketch."
























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