Who is Elizaveta Krivonogikh? Vladimir Putin's 'love child daughter' says she dreams of living in London or NY

Elizaveta Krivonogikh, is the reported 'love child' of the Russian president and Svetlana Krivonogikh, 45, a shareholder in a major Russian bank

                            Who is Elizaveta Krivonogikh? Vladimir Putin's 'love child daughter' says she dreams of living in London or NY
Russian President Vladimir Putin (Getty Images)

Russian President Vladimir Putin's rumored love child has now claimed that she dreams of living in London or New York. The revelation comes after Moscow admits that they have braced themselves for further allegations about the Russian leader’s private life. The Kremlin has been rocked after a series of "disclosures" about Putin's health, claiming that he has cancer and symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, not just that, more disclosures regarding the women in his life came forward. These claims suggest that there might be a leak in Putin's inner circle.

Investigative media outlet Proekt, backed by a visual computing expert at a British university, revealed the name of Putin's alleged illegitimate daughter, Elizaveta Krivonogikh, the reported "love" child of the Russian president and 45-year-old Svetlana Krivonogikh, a shareholder in a major Russian bank, who also owns the elite property and a St Petersburg erotic nightspot. Svetlana allegedly had an affair with Putin when he was the head of the FSB counterintelligence service, prime minister and during his first term as the Russian president. And while their relationship was in the final stage, she conceived her daughter. Then in 2003, Elizaveta was born.

According to a report by Daily Mail, the 17-year-old wrote on social media: “London would be great,” when asked where in the world she would like to live. Asked the same question on a separate occasion, she stated: "Hogwarts. On Mars. In Narnia. In Japan. In London. In New York." When asked what annoys her, she replied: “I get pissed off for a few minutes and conclusions are drawn by themselves and to the end.” On the kind of people she respects, she replied: “Honest, probably.” She told of her liking for the "awesomely unusual baritone” of American musician Moby adding that his music “is sometimes very close to me in the mood”. Neither Elizaveta nor her mother have commented on the claims, which were attacked by the Kremlin.

Last year, it was reported that Putin's rumored lover, 36-year-old Alina Kabaeva, gave birth to twin boys. Former Olympic gold medalist and rhythmic gymnast, Alina has long been rumored to be in a relationship with Putin.

Dmitry Peskov, Putin's spokesperson has claimed that the Russian media report was "provocative yellow journalism - it doesn't look like serious material". The allegations were "not very convincing" and "de facto unfounded", a claim echoed by supporters who said no hard evidence about Putin had been disclosed. ''Clearly, new materials will appear, and so on, we know that And there is nothing special in it, and nothing deserves any comment."

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