Video of woman STUCK in cruise ship waterslide suspended over ocean goes viral

'I would have died from claustrophobia,' a user commented

                            Video of woman STUCK in cruise ship waterslide suspended over ocean goes viral
A female cruise ship passenger got stranded on a waterslide overlooking the ocean (YMG Travels/Instagram)

A video clip of a woman reportedly getting stuck in a cruise ship’s closed-tube water slide overlooking the ocean off the Mexican coast has generated millions of views on social media. The video was shared by YMG Travels, a travel agency and certified cruise counselor on TikTok and Instagram with a caption, "When the looping slide fails" set to the tune of 'Oh No' by the band Kreepa.

The now-viral incident reportedly occurred on Norwegian Cruise Lines' Ocean Loop slide, a closed-tube, double-loop ride that sends sliders plummeting from the top deck and shooting out over the sea before curving back to the base like a watery roller coaster, as per reports. Fortunately, the woman was able to quickly exit from the slide's emergency hatch with help of the ship's staff. YMG Travels told Fox News, "The lady was not stuck in the water slide for long." The travel agency added, "There is a side door for the slide and she was out of it immediately."


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In the video clip, the woman identified as Paige Hodgson can be seen zooming confidently down the flume and making it all the way to the top, before grinding to a sudden halt. The woman then slides backwards as onlookers scream with laughter saying, "She's going backwards!". Paige speaking with DailyMail said: "I kept getting stuck because apparently, I was too light and small to make it all the way around." She added, "However, I've seen smaller people complete the slide." She further said, "It's an absolute mystery as to why I failed so many times, even the staff were baffled." 

As soon as the video clip shared by YMG Travels went viral, many social media users flocked over to the comment section. Many users were left anxious after watching the clip. One wrote, "I would have died from claustrophobia." A second added, "I'm having trouble breathing just watching this." A third added, "Omg my biggest fears unlocked." A fourth wrote, "Yo that is super scary, I'm claustrophobic, so that doesn't help". A fifth added, "My heart rate accelerated watching this. Stuck in clear tube suspended over the ocean...NOPE!!!". Meanwhile others who were curious to know how the woman was taken out of the slide wrote, "OMG. How she got off. Panic." 

Norwegian Cruise Line features the Ocean Loops slide on several of its vessels, but the video's caption suggests this incident occurred on the Norwegian Encore, which features the largest race track at sea and an Atlantis-themed laser tag course. 

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