LETTUCE Heist! Viral video shows four people hurriedly load stolen grocery in cars and drive away

LETTUCE Heist! Viral video shows four people hurriedly load stolen grocery in cars and drive away
Two of the four people seen loading their vehicle with unpaid grocery (Twitter)

A video of four people making away with four cartloads of unpaid grocery from a Connecticut store has gone viral. The video was taken by an eyewitness and shows four unidentified people, one woman and three men, breaking into an Oxford grocery shop and hurriedly filling up their shopping cart and leaving with their van without paying anything.

The Oxford Resident Trooper’s Office clarified they were aware of the video of the shoplifting incident circulating on various social media platforms. In an official press release, they stated, “This office has received a copy of the video and is working with asset protection personnel to obtain additional surveillance camera footage in an effort to identify the people involved. This office understands the optics of the video."

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When asked about the incident, local police clarified they had not received any call on 911 and the incident was reported 10 minutes after it happened. By then all four suspects had escaped the scene. Many reacted on social media sites, with one Oxford resident posting the video and tweeting, "Why the tf am I still paying for groceries?" 


In the video, the four unidentified individuals are seen hurriedly loading products from shopping carts into their SUV and minivan. All of them are wearing masks, making it difficult to identify them. All the bystanders including the eyewitness who filmed the video didn’t try to physically stop them. 

In the video, two carts are visible and appear to be filled with large containers of laundry detergent. After filling up their SUV and minivan with all the items in the carts, the four of them left the parking lot hurriedly. 

State police mentioned in their official press release that "had 911 been contacted in a timely manner, police personnel would have been able to attempt to intercept those involved." They also added, “We would like to remind everyone to stay vigilant and not to engage with people like this when a crime is occurring.”

Many people reacted and blamed the political and economic condition of the state. One person commented, "Only the beginning.. don't blame the drama, many will get pushed past the limit just to survive. Fix or blame the problem!"


Officers from the Oxford resident trooper’s office visited the Market 32 store in the Quarry Walk Plaza for investigation around 6:45 am on Tuesday when the incident was reported to the police. Store employees told officers that they saw many people filling up several carts. 

After filling up the carts, the suspects left the store without paying and started loading the carts one by one onto their vehicle, which was stationed in the fire lane outside the store, the store employees confirmed.

From the initial investigation, police believe that the vehicles they were using to shoplift may have been stolen by the suspects. The value of the item that was stolen has not been ascertained. The investigation is still ongoing and all the crucial intel that was collected is being shared across several police departments, state police department clarified. Anyone who can provide any valuable intel is asked to call the Oxford Resident Trooper’s office at 203-888-4353. 

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