Fans GO TO WAR as viral post pits Beyonce, Adele, Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston against each other

Fans GO TO WAR as viral post pits Beyonce, Adele, Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston against each other
Twitter post asks fan to choose one out of Beyonce, Adele, Mariah Carey, and Whitney Houston based on their vocal abilities (Larry Busacca for NARAS, Gareth Cattermole for Adele, Michael Loccisano, Frank Micelotta/Getty Images)

A tweet that puts some of the biggest names in the music industry against each other has gone viral. The question is simple: Who is a better singer when it comes to Beyonce, Whitney Houston, Mariah, and Adele? The tweet shows an image of a placard with all their names which seems to be a part of a drinking game. Netizens were quick to answer and choose their favorite singer out of all these highly decorated artists. The Twitter post has garnered more than 28,000 likes and almost 10,000 replies.

The image posted by Leon Langford starts the game of 'One Gotta Go', meaning you have to pick your top choice, and the options are, "Queen Bey, Whitney, Mariah, and Adele." All these singers are made to compete based on their singing ability with Langford captioning the post, "Card just upended this whole a** party," hinting at the ruckus it might have created at his get-together. On the other hand, the comments section went viral as people rushed to defend their favorite artists. Recently, Adele got one step closer to achieving the EGOT status as she won her first Emmy for 'Outstanding Variety Special (Pre Recorded)' for her CBS special 'One Night Only'. One Tony Award is all the 'Rolling In The Deep' singer needs to concretize her status. Other artists who got closer to achieving legendary status were Eminem, Paul McCartney, and Ringo Starr.


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While Adele got one step closer, Beyonce released her fan-favorite seventh solo studio album called 'Renaissance: Act 1'. This is a part of a pile of records she recorded during the Covid-19 pandemic. Queen Bey will be releasing two more acts. Mariah Carey has enjoyed her height of success with some extremely memorable tracks and is still relevant, while Whitney Houston is an inspiration to every singer mentioned above. So, who has won this battle of vocals? 


Fans choose between Beyonce, Adele, Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey

Despite her recent accolades, one user cannot give the title to Adele whatsoever saying, "Adele is the weakest vocalist here. She cannot properly mix her voice, can barely belt above D5, and cannot do runs/riffs. Beyoncé can do EVERYTHING Adele can do vocally. Adele definitely can’t do everything Beyoncé can do vocally." Another user struck Mariah out of the list saying, "Mariah gotta go. Even in her prime her live performances were mediocre with a couple exceptions."



One user is split between Mariah Carey's earlier days and her current days and wrote, "Are we talking early Mariah or current only Mariah? If current only, Mariah gotta go But! If we're talking early Mariah, Adele gotta go, because her voice is beautiful but monotonous." Another user chose to strike out Beyonce for two reasons, "I have to go with Beyonce: Reasons: 1. Whitney/Mariah are some of the top performers/singers of the 20th century. 2. Adele is probably the best overall singer/songwriter of the 4."



One user had some comments on Whitney Houston's singing and wrote, "I gravitate to those vocalists that sing with emotion. Therefor Whitney is my least favorites. Best example of meaning what you sing is 'I will always love you' compare to Dolly Parton's original and you feel the difference. Whitney was a vocal master but Dolly meant every word." Another user who is clearly not a Beyonce fan wrote, "Nah… Beyoncé the weakest vocalist on the list."



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