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Violett Rose: Ex-teacher and OnlyFans star, 27, who earns 'wild' salary sets out to live like a 'nomad'

Violett Rose joined joined OnlyFans 'as a joke' in January 2021 and became a full time creator in March
Voilett Rose left her role as a teaching assistant to become a full-time OnlyFans creator (peachy_violett2.0/Instagram)
Voilett Rose left her role as a teaching assistant to become a full-time OnlyFans creator (peachy_violett2.0/Instagram)

AOTEAROA, NEW ZEALAND: Violett Rose, a 27-year-old former teaching assistant and administration officer from Aotearoa, New Zealand, who quit her full time job and went out living on the road is earning an "absolutely wild" salary. It all started "as a joke" when she joined OnlyFans in January 2021 before realising she could make some serious cash on the adult site.

In just few weeks her self-esteem got boosted as she received compliments from her subscribers. It allowed her to comprehend that her long-term relationship had run its course, and she then left her role as a teaching assistant to become a full-time OnlyFans creator in March, reported The Sun.


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As a free bird, she bought a Toyota Regius Ace van in September 2021, to live in for $25,000 NZD ($22,885 AUD) and has been living like a "nomad." "Seeing people online living and travelling from their vans, I knew that was the way I wanted to go see the country. It meant I could travel without worrying about needing to go back to a home base as I was taking everything I owned with me," Rose told the outlet. She reasoned why she had been living in the van, "You don’t have a set weekly amount to pay as your 'rent' ends up being your petrol, so you only pay as much as you need to travel that week."

She also comes from a poor background and hadn't thought she will earn this much, "The money from OnlyFans is absolutely wild to me as I came from a very poor upbringing and never thought that I would be earning what I do now." For the 27-year-old, the drastic career and lifestyle change has been the "most freeing experience of her life." She adds that it allowed her to grow and discover more about herself. "Pushing myself out of my comfort zone and living this lifestyle has helped me more than I can even begin to express," Rose claimed.

Her new salary combined with living on the road means she saves almost $1000 a month on rent and is able to live a comfortable, free lifestyle, as per the Daily Mail. Before changing her lifestyle she spent $230 NZD ($200 AUD) to rent a "damp room in an old house."