Violett Beane talks 'God Friended Me' and her possible return as Jesse Quick in 'The Flash'

The vegan actress talks to Meaww on her latest hit TV series' God Friended Me' and her on-screen off-screen dynamics with co-star Brandon Michael Hall

                            Violett Beane talks 'God Friended Me' and her possible return as Jesse Quick in 'The Flash'

The CBS drama 'God Friended Me' aired on September 30 and received mostly positive reviews. Fans teared up as emotional scenes of music and love conjured up a humorous and uplifting series that explores and questions faith, existence, and science. It centers on Miles (Brandon Michael Hall), an atheist whose life is turned upside down when he is friended by "God" on Facebook. In the show, Violett Beane plays Cara Bloom, a leading writer at an online magazine and who has come to New York in search for her mother, whose life takes an interesting turn when she meets Miles.

Meaww catches up with Violett, who you may also know as Jesse Quick on The CW series 'The Flash.' So if you are the fan of the show, good news is in store for you.

Violette Beane (Credits: Lesley Bryce)
Violette Beane (Credits: Lesley Bryce)

For those who have not watched the show, could you tell us about the premise of 'God Friended Me' and why should they tune in?

The show is about an aethiest named Miles Finer who gets friended on Facebook by someone calling themselves “God”. After he accepts the request, he gets sent these friend suggestions for people who are unknowingly in need of help somehow. I think people should tune into 'God Friended Me' because it’s an uplifting show about the human connection and being there for each other, and in the world we live in right now, we could use that reminder!


Please tell us more about your character -- Cara Bloom, and her relationship with her mother? How does that relationship fit into the whole set up of the God account and Miles?

In the pilot, you see that Cara’s mom left her when she was seven, and the only thing she had to go off to find her was that she moved to New York. Cara’s whole life has been about finding her mom but once she has, she doesn’t know what to say to her or how to take the next step. That’s when Miles and the god account enter and through that, she’s able to reconnect with her mom and start to develop a relationship.


How is it like working with Brandon Michael Hall? Could you tell us a little bit about Miles Finer and Cara's relationship with him?

Brandon is fabulous! He has a great energy that he brings to Miles and it makes it super easy for Cara to enjoy spending time with him. As the episodes unfold, you will see a connection growing between the two of them but will it be enough?


You are best known for your superhero role as Jesse Quick on The CW series 'The Flash,' and you have a major fan following. Will you be reprising the character anytime soon for any upcoming DC Comics series? Also, tell us about your experience on and off the set when playing the superhero?

I have such a blast playing Jesse and putting on the super suit! I would love to pop back over there for a bit of time and I know the creators of the show mentioned at Comic Con that a couple speedsters will be coming back this season. So it is certainly possible!

This year we have also seen you co-starring alongside Lucy Hale in the Blumhouse/Universal Pictures horror film, 'Truth Or Dare.' How was your experience acting alongside Lucy Hale? 

'Truth or Dare' was such a fun movie to film, and Lucy is such a talent. We filmed for 25 days in the summer in Los Angeles and we all got to know each other really well. We still all talk and it was such a fun experience!

Besides acting, you are also a passionate advocate for environmental causes and animal rights. Did that influence your decision to become vegan? 

I’ve always loved animals and I grew up surrounded by them: cats, dogs, bunnies, chickens. So that definitely played a part in my decision to go plant-based. Not to mention, all of the environmental impacts raising animals for meat has. 


Please tell us about your partnership with PETA for their “All Animals Have The Same Parts” campaign. What impact do you hope to make?  

I did a campaign with them where you see different parts of my body labeled like they would be if I was a pig raised for slaughter. The campaign is essentially saying that whether it’s a pig, cow, dog, or human, we all have the same parts and all deserve the same amount of respect.

In your free time, what is one activity that people would find surprising that you do?

Baking!! I love creating yummy vegan and gluten-free donuts, cookies, brownies. You name it!