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Viral video shows Walmart shopper gargling mouthwash before spitting it back in the bottle and replacing it on the shelf

Many people were disgusted by the stunt and compared her to the girl who was seen on camera licking icecream from a tub and replacing it back in the store

We’ve all seen some scarring content on the internet. It seems people would do pretty much anything for the chance to go viral. One Walmart shopper decided to do something especially disgusting, ostensibly in the name of promoting “oral hygiene”, as seen in a video posted on Twitter.

The clip shows Bameron Nicole Smith saying "Girl, it has been one musty f**king morning," before taking a swig out of a bottle of mouthwash.

Smith then spits the mouth wash back in the bottle and replaces it on the shelf.

"Mmm, nice and minty and fresh," Smith then adds before saying “thank you guys” with a wave and continuing down the aisle.

LAD Bible reports that Smith later tweeted some receipts so it can hopefully be assumed the mouthwash was purchased and not left behind as a horrible trap for some unsuspecting customer.

The original video was posted on Twitter by Smith on July 3 with the caption: "You b**ches with no oral hygiene could take a hint". It has since received over 16 million views along with nearly 22,000 likes and a little more than 7,000 retweets.


A spokesperson for Walmart told the Daily Mail that the retail corporation was “investigating this incident.”

"If someone tampers with a product and leaves it on the shelf, we will work with law enforcement to identify and prosecute those found responsible to the fullest extent of the law," the spokesperson promised.

A YouTuber named Larz, who is friends with Smith, claimed credit for the “trend of opening products without buying them.”

A video shows Larz grabbing a tub of ice cream and shovelling it directly into his mouth with his bare hands before replacing it on the shelf. Recently, the ice cream stunt was repeated by a woman shopping in Walmart and the act was also caught on camera.

After her viral moment, Smith tweeted a picture with a bottle of Listerine the next day with the caption, "omw to the fourth festivities with my new bestie. thanks for 11 million."

Some people have suggested that Smith’s mouthwash stunt was staged, as the seal on the bottle was not broken on camera. Smith has received a lot of flak for the incident but the prankster (who happens to be a transwoman) has attributed most of the hate to transphobia.

A Twitter user commented on the video saying, “Another one for prison. Hope you have fun with your new inmate friends.”

Smith replied to the comment saying, “I LOOKED IN THE CELL NEXT TO ME AND ITS THE ICE CREAM GIRL.”