Driver brings train to a halt just in the nick of time to save dog chained to tracks

The incident occured in the town and commune of Llay-Llay in the central Chilean region of Valparaiso and was captured on video

                            Driver brings train to a halt just in the nick of time to save dog chained to tracks

Quick action by a train driver in Chile saved the life of a dog who had been chained to the tracks, reports said. The driver slammed the brakes immediately after spotting the chained animal and brought the train to a screeching halt. Right after stopping the train, he got out to help the scared animal. It is not yet clear whether the train was a cargo vehicle or a passenger train.

The incident, which was recorded on camera, shows the driver of the massive orange-colored train climbing down and heading towards the panicked dog. The driver then is heard saying: "How can there be people so bad, who leave little dogs tied up on the tracks."



"You cannot do that. I hope someday the human race changes," he adds. The dog, in the clip, can be heard barking and growling as it tirelessly pulls on the chain in an attempt to escape.

According to local media reports, the driver eventually released the pooch and it ran away from the scene immediately. The incident reportedly occurred in the town and commune of Llay-Llay, in the central Chilean region of Valparaiso and the video, which was posted online, has received more than 137,000 views, the Daily Mail reported.



The Llay-Llay municipal council confirmed that an investigation has been launched into the case and a criminal complaint for animal abuse will be filed against those who tied the dog to the tracks.

Llay-Llay Mayor Edgardo Gonzalez, in a statement, said: "We are shocked by the cruelty seen in our society. We condemn and reject this incident against a defenseless animal, and we are thankful for the behavior of the driver who saved its life. As a municipality, we are taking the actions that need to be done [and are filing] a criminal complaint against the culprits and we also contacted the driver to offer our help to give this little dog the veterinary attention and other things it needs."

"We will also find a way of putting the little dog up for adoption," he added.

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