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Shocking video shows thugs rob elderly man and hit him in the head with wine bottle on Chicago train

The man was traveling on Chicago El's Red Line when two unknown assailants approached him and asked for his ID before emptying his pockets
An elderly man was robbed and assaulted on Chicago El’s Red Line (Screenshot TeshaunTerry/Facebook)
An elderly man was robbed and assaulted on Chicago El’s Red Line (Screenshot TeshaunTerry/Facebook)

Warning: Graphic content, readers’ discretion advised

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS: A senior citizen is seen on video bleeding heavily after two assailants searched his pockets for cash and then struck him in the head with a full wine bottle on the Chicago El.

On September 24, just after 2 am, the victim is seen seated on the Red Line when he is approached by a suspect sporting a ski mask and a beard as the CTA train travels to the 95th Street/Dan Ryan stop. The man is soon surrounded by the bearded attacker and his companion, who demand to see his ID before beginning to pat down his pockets. “Where's your wallet?” one attacker asks as the victim tries to pull away. “Let me see your ID,” the other says. “Can I get $5?” 


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While one of the assailants slips his hand in and pulls out what looks to be cash and a few cards, the other grabs a whole bottle of white wine from his jacket pocket. The second robber drops the wine bottle and the two begin to argue about the petty amount. The victim, who seems shaky on his feet, tries to take his belongings back but stumbles and slumps back into the bench of the metro car. Unprompted, the thief in the ski mask picks up the wine bottle off the floor and slams it on the man's head as shocked onlookers in the mostly empty car scream in horror. “Oh, my Gooooood,” one of the witnesses is heard screaming in the video.


A woman with a red wig and a man wearing a green hoodie enter the frame and go near the man who is calculating the money he stole as the victim grips his head with his hands. The victim is once again in focus, his head seemingly split open as a puddle of blood emerges on the train car's floor. “Charmaine,” the witness says, appearing to address the woman in the wig. “He's bad. He's bleeding.” The shocking footage comes to an end as the train stops at 95th Street/Dan Ryan station.

The CTA and Chicago police are appealing for the public's assistance in locating the two attackers. “This kind of behavior is absolutely reprehensible and should not happen to any CTA customer,” officials told Fox News Chicago. “CTA began working very closely with CPD immediately after the incident was reported, including sharing relevant video from our security camera system.” The Chicago police did not know what was taken. Although it's not evident from the video that four individuals were involved in the incident, police say they are looking for four people in connection with it. After being attacked, the victim is now healing. “When I finished watching it, as you saw, it's painful to watch,” Chicago Ald. Raymond Lopez told NBC News Chicago. “You feel the pain,” he added.