Ohio middle school students seen adding urine, semen to crepes meant for teachers and staff

Ohio middle school students seen adding urine, semen to crepes meant for teachers and staff

Authorities are investigating allegations that students from an Ohio middle school had put bodily fluids into food which was then served to teachers and the staff.

A spokeswoman from a Delaware County Sheriff's Office shared that the office is looking into reports that students were putting urine as well as semen into crepes which were then eaten by teachers at the Hyatts Middle School located in Powell.

The students had prepped the crepes as a part of an end of the year project in the home economics class, as reported by the Columbus Dispatch

Delaware County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Tracy Whited shared, "One student filmed some of it, and the video made its way around the school and fortunately to school administrators." 

A video clip of the sickening deed shows the urine and semen being added to the crepes and five people have been identified as victims as the police continue to question eight students.


Whited shared that the school had informed the authorities of the allegations last week on Thursday.

Whited further revealed that any students who are found guilty of the sick prank could very well face felony assault charges. 

The Sheriff's Office shared that they will conduct a forensic analysis of the crepes. "The only way we’ll really know (what happened) is to get lab results," Whited added.

The authorities have not yet said how many students were involved or how many teachers ate the crepes.

An Olentangy Local School District statement revealed that anyone violating school policies will be held accountable.

District spokeswoman Kristyn Wilson shared that the food had been prepared in a consumer science class.

The District said in a statement, "Leadership and local law enforcement are conducting a thorough investigation into this incident, and anyone found in violation of school policies will be held accountable for their actions. We are also focusing our efforts to support the teachers impacted by this incident."

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