Video shows Anthony McRae strolling into back-alley with two guns and loaded magazines after MSU shooting

Video shows Anthony McRae strolling into back-alley with two guns and loaded magazines after MSU shooting
Anthony McRae was spotted four miles off-campus after the Michigan State University shooting (Michigan Department of Corrections; knape616/Twitter)

EAST LANSING, MICHIGAN: New surveillance footage revealed Michigan State University gunman Anthony McRae strolling down a quiet street and into a back alley about an hour after the horrific shooting. On Moday, February 13, police discovered McRae, 43, dead due to a self-inflicted gunshot wound.


In the shooting, three undergraduates were killed and five others were injured when McRae opened fire inside an academic building on the MSU campus around 8.18 pm on Monday. Police were on alert as the suspect fled the scene before they arrived. Fortunately, a tip from a local allowed them to discover him around four miles outside of campus. However, he had fatally shot himself when officers saw and called out to him, according to Fox News. Police stated that he was carrying one firearm, and his backpack contained a second handgun with many loaded magazines. 


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'He lived a sheltered world'

Police stated that a note found in McRae's pocket claimed there had been threats against two public schools in Ewing Township, New Jersey. They also stated that McRae "had a history of mental health issues," and "local ties to Ewing Township," per Fox News. Authorities have kept information about the weapons used in the attack and how he acquired them under wraps.



McRae's brother, Michael, reportedly stated that the suspect's life started to fall apart after their mother died in September 2020, according to Fox News. "He lived a sheltered world," Michael said, adding that McRae stopped taking care of himself and refused to look for a job. He added, "He started changing. He was getting more and more bitter and angry. I'm asking him, 'What's on your mind?' But he wouldn't talk to me."


What were Anthony McRae's prior accusations?

In the summer of 2019, McRae was charged with carrying a hidden weapon without a permit, a crime punishable with up to five years in jail and a prohibition on gun ownership. Prosecutors dismissed the felony count in October 2019 when he admitted guilt to a less serious criminal charge of having a loaded gun in a moving car. He received a probationary period of 18 months.

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 Video shows Anthony McRae walking into back-alley with 2 guns, loaded magazines after MSU shooting