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Man slaps woman, breaks her glasses on NYC subway for stopping him from filming girls

The man was seen arguing with the woman in the video and said it was none of her business because he wasn't filming her
A man slapped a woman after she confronted him on the New York subway (Credits: New York Police Department)
A man slapped a woman after she confronted him on the New York subway (Credits: New York Police Department)

A woman, 34, and a man were filmed on the New York subway heading towards Brooklyn in the afternoon on Friday, December 10. In the video, the woman can be seen confronting the man as he was filming other girls present in the car without their consent. The man ended up slapping her, injuring her nose and face.

The moment when the man slapped the woman came as a shock for everyone present around them. As the two continued to argue with each other, a bystander recorded them. The male suspect continued saying to the woman, "I am not filming you, I am not filming you." Further, he tells her, "You know what? You are going to get yourself in trouble 'cause I'm not playin' with you."


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As the two continue to argue, the male suspect yells "it ain't none of your business" and his yelling becomes louder and louder. Then he looks around the subway and slaps the woman in the face. As the train arrived at the Court Street Station, the suspect got off the train and fled. 

He was caught in a surveillance camera leaving the station wearing a green beanie and Adidas hoodie with a black jacket and similar colored pants. As he argued and slapped the woman, people were standing and recording the two of them. The man continuously told the woman not to intervene and mind her own business. However, she continued telling him that he was wrong. 

As the man slapped the woman, her glasses broke. It is not revealed if the man and the woman knew each other beforehand or they were strangers to each other. Recently, there has been an increase in crimes in New York City.  According to the police, the figures have gone up four percent from the previous year. 


Subway crimes, felony assaults and robberies have gone up by nine and five percent respectively, while rapes have gone up by two percent. Earlier in December, a man was left on the station after he was attacked on the platform of 49th Street station. The victim suffered major injuries in the head and was seen sitting on the train station floor with bandages covering eyes and forehead. 

The man left the subway after hitting the woman (New York Police Department)

The police are also hunting a man who threatened to kill a woman on the New York subway with two wooden spikes after making anti-White statements. The suspect wielded the wooden shivs at the woman near a subway station in Manhattan.