Terrifying video shows helicopter crashing on Dallas ground, killing 2 aboard

It is confirmed that the pilot and another person died on the spot but their identities have not been revealed

                            Terrifying video shows helicopter crashing on Dallas ground, killing 2 aboard
The helicopter was on a training mission when it crashed (@devinhasson and @zackpittman/Twitter)

ROWLETT, DALLAS: A helicopter crashed and exploded into flames in the 2200 block of State Highway 66 in Rowlett, according to the Rowlett Police Department. The helicopter went down around 11.30 am, on Friday, March 25, according to the Federal Aviation Administration. Two people aboard were killed in the fiery accident but none on the ground were injured.

There were many witnesses when the chopper crashed down in Rowlett during the lunch hour rush. The video shows the aircraft's tail rotor tumbling to land apart from the fuselage. Moreover, the two victims were adults who were not linked to each other, according to police. Additionally, their identities have not been revealed until their relatives have been notified but it is confirmed that the pilot and another person died on the spot. 


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According to KDFW-TV, the helicopter was owned by Sky Helicopters in Garland and was on a training mission when it crashed. The private corporation provides helicopter tours of Dallas, flight instruction, and aerial news coverage for a number of local television stations.  According to FAA data, the helicopter was a 2016 Robinson R-44 Rotorcraft, which sells for around $475,000. According to a 2018 Los Angeles Times study, Robinson Helicopter company found that the R-44 is the world's best-selling civilian helicopter, although it has a lengthy history of tragic crashes. 


As the incident took place in open ground, many people witnessed the grim crash. According to Fox News, one witness said, “I heard an explosion, and a few seconds later, I saw the helicopter hit the ground. I jumped out, it was already in a ball of fire, I jumped out and tried to get him out, but it was too late.” Other bystanders also attempted to help but the fire raging in the wreckage made it impossible. Another bystander said, “You could see people getting close, you could see them back away shielding themselves because it was just so hot.” According to Rowlett police Detective Cruz Hernandez, witnesses saw the helicopter's tail rotor break mid-flight, putting the aircraft into an uncontrollable spin before it crashed and burst into flames.


Many witnesses have tweeted how agonizing the scene was. One witness wrote, “I unfortunately witnessed what I believe to be this Helicopter flying over the 75 by GB Hwy backwards and sideways as well. I thought it looked out of control and it really is devastating to see it go down like this. Thoughts are with the fam.” Another also wrote, “I saw this happen and couldn’t figure out what the white piece was.  Now I know. :(“ while another wrote, “My friend witnessed the crash. She texted me immediately after. She started crying knowing that the pilot couldn’t have survived. She saw it plummet and explode. I use to live just 5 minutes away from there. I’ve gone to the pawn shop next to that plot of land.”




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