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Viral video shows how family of 'Karens' RUINED Father's Day by sparking a brawl at Beverly Hills restaurant

A viral clip on social media shows how the brawl erupted at Lawry's Prime Rib in Beverly Hills, after a man verbally abused the staff and other diners
Viral video: A brawl has erupted at Lawry's Prime Rib in Beverly Hills during the Father’s Day celebration (Photo by Dancingphotog/YouTube)
Viral video: A brawl has erupted at Lawry's Prime Rib in Beverly Hills during the Father’s Day celebration (Photo by Dancingphotog/YouTube)

A viral clip on social media shows a brawl erupting at Lawry's Prime Rib in Beverly Hills during their Father’s Day celebrations. According to the caption for the video, a man with his family appeared to be disturbing everyone's Father's Day dinner and a family member went crazy when the restaurant staff approached them in an attempt to make them behave.

The family member told the waiter, “You’re supposed to be deescalating, not making it worse. Keep your mouth shut what is wrong with you?” But the waiter in the restaurant was not taking any 'Karen' behavior that day and gave it back, saying, “You’re standing there in those clothes, and getting loud with me? Really? You’re doing that?” And this set the man off. He started screaming, “F*CK YOU YOU PIECE OF SH*T. DON’T TALK TO ME LIKE THAT. DON’T YOU F*CKING TALK TO ME LIKE THAT. HOW DARE YOU F*CKING INSULT ME… F*CK YOU!”


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However, when he started cursing out the staff, other diners also warned him to stop as they were in with their families, including children. Then the man started cursing out a number of people sitting at the restaurant. Eventually, one of the diners had enough and grabbed him by the neck. But as soon as the man was grabbed, one family member, a woman, began to scream uncontrollably, adding to the chaos. Later in the video, one can see the cursing customer being almost entirely stripped of his shirt in the brawl. At this point, the entitled family tried to call the police. 


Many on Reddit reposted the viral clip and started reacting to it. One person wrote, “I love when the woman starts screaming as if she is getting attacked.” Another added, “If you watch the old lady, crutch lady, and annoying lady, all three of them go instant banshee mode as soon as the guy is grabbed. Kinda hilarious how they do it in unison. My guess is it’s a mother and her two daughters the way they are perfectly in sync.” Someone called the episode, “Karen Alarm,” while another remarked, “Two women with that group were calling the police. The blonde on the right goes 'He's a big burly black man.' Then looks back at him and says 'He's fat. He's fat!' I'm pretty sure the second one was directed at said black man with extra emphasis. This is like the closest I've seen to Curb Your Enthusiasm in real life.”





Although many took the family’s side, one person wrote, “What a shit show. People saying that the black gentleman was not going to jail... Unfortunately, I wouldn't be so sure... From the video, I see the first battery/strike came from the black man, grabbing the loud dude's neck. Of course, I would prefer to see the loud asshole in cuffs instead but, unfortunately, I think the black man is guilty of assault on this one....perhaps I am missing something?”