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'Vida' Season 3 Episode 5 may see Lyn go back to allowing the men in her life direct her decisions

'Vida' Season 3 Episode 5 will see how Lyn deals with the pressure of being Rudy's girlfriend and how she divides her time and attention between her father and Emma
Lyn and Emma (Starz)
Lyn and Emma (Starz)

'Vida' Season 3 Episode 5 may finally see how Lyn's (Melissa Barrera) boyfriend Rudy (Adrian Gonzalez) and her newfound father Victor may lead her to her old ways of trying to fit in with the expectations of men in her life. In the past, Lyn had suffered a lot because she had tried to play the role of a girlfriend who would look good, but not have an opinion. With Rudy, she might be dragged into being the same kind of woman again. Yes, he is a councilman who seemed to give her leeway unlike her other boyfriends, but his true colors are shining recently and Lyn is not sure where she stands on it. 

For instance, in the last episode, Rudy had clearly shown that his family is not as open-minded as him when he told Lyn not to mention that the event she was borrowing centerpieces for was a 'Queer Quinceañera'. He also seems disdainful of Lyn's bar Vida. While he seems appreciative of the efforts that she is putting into the bar, Rudy still considers it a dive bar not worth his attention, and that clearly irks her. 

She seems to want to get him to recognize her efforts to make Vida a classy bar in the city and her connection to friends from the neighborhood seems to be something that Rudy is not very appreciative of. He is also clearly a homophobe considering how he reacted to something that Lyn wanted to try while they were having sex. Yes, it was hypocritical of him, and yet Lyn doesn't call him out on it. Instead, she is just slightly uncomfortable with how he reacted. 

Then we have Lyn's father Victor, with whom she had recently reconnected after learning that he was still alive. There have been slight changes within Lyn because of Victor that her sister Emma (Mishel Prada) had clearly picked up on. For instance, Lyn is not a very religious person, but yet, when Emma tried to show Lyn pictures of their mother being domestically abused by Victor, Lyn had quoted the bible to tell Emma that she has to walk on her own path. Very unlike Lyn, but again, she doesn't seem self-aware of the changes that are occurring within her. 

Be it Lyn's reaction to Emma breaking the centerpiece that she had borrowed from her monster-in-law or her disdain for people tripping on mushrooms during her best friend's birthday party, Lyn seems to have difficulty accepting parts of her friends and family that she had previously not had a problem with. All of this might take a toll on her and cause a rife between her and Emma, considering Lyn's relationship with Victor has already strained the relationship with her sister. 

New episodes of 'Vida' Season 3 will drop on Sundays on Starz.