'Vida' Season 3 Episode 4: Why did Emma and Lyn's mother leave Victor?

In 'Vida' Season 3 Episode 4 the reason behind why Vida reported Victor to police will be explored and this truth will further increase the rift between Lyn and Emma

                            'Vida' Season 3 Episode 4: Why did Emma and Lyn's mother leave Victor?
Lyn and Emma (Starz)

In the previous episode of 'Vida' Season 3, Lyn had made it clear to Emma that she is not giving up on her father despite whatever Emma thinks. If the upcoming episode continues to see Lyn attempting to learn more about her father and Emma trying to distance herself from the man who was left by their mother, things between the sisters will begin to get complicated as well. There is also the matter of the 'illegal' crime that he committed, the details of which are not quite clear at the moment, and in the upcoming episode this is exactly what Emma and Lyn will find out.

For now, it may seem like Victor is a changed man who has found faith. However, what would happen when he learns that his daughter is queer, something that he as a pastor and the people around him believe is a perversion. Will Lyn be able to stand by the side and watch her sister get treated unfairly by them if things come to push or shove? The upcoming episode is going to see how much pressure the two sisters can take before one of them gives up on this relationship that has been a source of tension for this long. Yes, there have been happy moments that were warm and brought upon a smile but at the moment, both Lyn and Emma are not in the best of places to accept themselves, forget each other.

It looks like the sisters need space from one another and Vida, and maybe, just maybe, this season might just answer their prayers.

We will also see how Emma and Nico's relationship pans out. There has been a bit of back and forth between the two of them since Zoe dropped the bomb about their marriage. This is something that Nico had not mentioned to Emma and dishonesty is not something Emma can really withstand. However, was Nico being dishonest, or did it not really matter to Nico that she was still married to Zoe? The outcome of this relationship is something that we cannot wait to see work itself out.

We also hope that Lyn comes to her senses and realizes that Rudy is not the right guy for her. It is definitely Johnny and she must try to resolve whatever is between them before she jumps into any other relationship too. After having seen how Rudy treats Lyn like a trophy girlfriend, and the strained relationship between Lyn and Rudy's mother, wouldn't it be much better to take a step away from this problematic relationship and re-evaluate? After all, self-respect is the stepping stone to a good relationship with yourself and the people around you.

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