'Vida' Season 3 Episode 3 Review: Emma heartbroken about Nico and Lyn tries convincing her he’s a ‘f***boy’

'Vida' Season 3 Episode 3 sees Lyn stand firm on her opinion about two things. The first is about Emma and her father Victor and the second is about Nico

                            'Vida' Season 3 Episode 3 Review: Emma heartbroken about Nico and Lyn tries convincing her he’s a ‘f***boy’
Lyn (Starz)

'Vida' Season 3 Episode 3 sees Lyn try to convince her sister that Nico is not worth her emotions and she succeeds when Emma sees her ex-flame cozied up with her wife. Lyn also ensures that her sister knows her intentions of rekindling her relationship with their father. 

 Since the beginning, Emma and Lyn have been different and this has given rise to many arguments and misunderstanding between the siblings in the past. It also seemed like this season will have more arguments and differences of opinion, however, episode 3 shows how much Lyn and Emma's relationship has matured over time. 

For instance, Lyn cannot understand how her sister is not affected by the news of their father Victor being alive. She cannot comprehend how Emma is not angry at their mother Vida for stealing the chance from her daughters to get to know their father. Lyn is extremely angry that Vida would do something as vicious as call the police on a man who did not have papers to live in the country in the first place. Lyn learns about this after she builds the courage to go meet her father. He is a pastor of a church who holds prayer meetings and when he realizes that Lyn is his daughter, Victor expresses regret for not trying harder to find them or try to spend time with them. 

Lyn is shocked to learn that her father did want to get to know her and her sister Emma and is agitated when she learns about how her father was caught by the immigration department. Victor claims that Vida had to take such a harsh step because he was a bad man and that he forgives Vida for the same, but Lyn is not ready to forgive her mother for blatantly lying that their father was dead. 

Yet, when she sees that her sister is struggling because of her relationship with Nico, Lyn doesn't push her sister to reconsider her thoughts about their father. Instead, she tries to comfort her sister by saying that her breakup with Nico was necessary because Nico was nothing but a f***boy. Lyn is convinced that Nico is no good for her sister. However, Emma tells Lyn that she was never in a relationship with Nico, so what they are going through is not a breakup. This is Emma's way of dealing with everything difficult in her life. She first tries to bury it all and live as if nothing has changed, but somehow she is forced to face reality. 

This was the exact same way she had reacted when she had heard that her father was alive. So it is quite simple to find a pattern in Emma's behavior. The fact that she is suffering from heartbreak is also something that Emma addresses only after she sees Nico making out in the car with her wife Zoe. Nico had repeatedly said that there was nothing going on between her and Zoe, but at the first sign of struggle Nico returns to Zoe. 

Lyn also sees Nico with Zoe and that's when she reiterates that Nico is a f***boy. Lyn takes time out to have a drink with her sister in an attempt to comfort her, but someone's conversation leads to their father and Lyn ends up confiding everything that she had learned from her father. Emma asks Lyn, "Hadn't they decided that they won't broach the subject?" 

Lyn doesn't really argue but just tells Emma that it was she who had decided that they wouldn't broach the subject. She also reminds Emma that Lyn hadn't agreed and right now, Lyn wants her father in her life. She strongly feels so especially after confiding in her ex-flame Johnny who had just lost his father recently. He is the one who tells her that if she has a chance to get to know her father and if he wants to know her too, then she should take the chance. 

Will Emma let Lyn do as she pleases? New episodes of 'Vida' drops every Sunday on Starz.  

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