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'Vida' Season 3 Episode 3 will see Lyn reconnect with Johnny, but is this headed towards a romance?

'Vida' promo reveals Lyn reaching out to her ex-flame and father of a new baby Johnny
Emma and Lyn (Starz)
Emma and Lyn (Starz)

'Vida' Season 3 is the final season of the show, so each episode gives us a hint about the fate of each character. The upcoming episode looks especially exciting because Lyn is reconnecting with Johnny. Lyn's former flame had broken down in her company after his father's death in the previous episode. In fact, the episode ended with Lyn comforting Johnny. So in the upcoming episode, Lyn approaches Johnny for advice, at least that is what it looks like in the promo. 

Lyn arrives at Johnny's mechanic shed and says that she recently found out something huge and the only person she could think of talking about it to was him. The big news that she is referring to is the fact that she learned about her Papi possibly being alive. The letter that Eddy wrote to Lyn and Emma might not have disturbed Emma as much as it has wrecked Lyn.

In fact, Lyn in a way wants this to be true. She wants a chance to have a father in her life, but if she pushes it any further she might alienate her sister Emma as well. So something as complicated as this requires her to talk it out with someone who knows her and her situation clearly. However, what is further interesting is that Johnny doesn't seem too excited about her company. 


Then we also see how Emma is heartbroken after Nico's truth was revealed. Emma had broken it off with Nico because of her being married to Zoe. However, she still needs some support to move on. Lyn tries to help Emma move on, but that doesn't seem to help. The promo shows how Emma tries to have rebound sex, but will that work though? What is shocking is the fact that Nico seems to have moved on pretty quickly as she was spotted making out with someone in the car. 

Between Lyn and Emma trying to figure out what they are going to do next in life, the episode is going to see Eddy give them another shocking news possibly. Despite her row with Emma, Eddy comes to Vida and when she sees Lyn and Emma, it is clear that Eddy has something important to share. She looks like she has seen a ghost and we cannot wait to find out what Eddy has to share with the sisters. Did their Papi pop up in the neighborhood to finally check on his daughters?

New episodes of 'Vida' season 3 drops every Sunday on Starz.