Victoria's Secret model Kelly Gale's nude bikini has people scratching their heads: 'Thought you were naked'

Victoria's Secret model Kelly Gale took to social media to share a throwback image and it has left everyone looking at it for the second time

                            Victoria's Secret model Kelly Gale's nude bikini has people scratching their heads: 'Thought you were naked'
Kelly Gale (Getty Images)

Coronavirus has left everyone canceling their vacation plans and spending time at home. With nowhere to go, it seems like some of the celebrities are resorting to sharing throwback pictures from their vacation. One of them to make it to the list was Victoria Secret's model, Kelly Gale. 

Gale recently took to her Instagram to share a throwback picture of herself from her vacation. Enjoying her day in a luxurious villa, Gale captioned the stunning bikini picture as "Throwback to some travels." While there is no doubt that her picture had everyone dreaming of a nice holiday, another thing that stood out the most was the bikini that Gale wore. 

At first glance, the picture left many puzzled as they assumed that the bikini was not serving its purpose by not covering her modesty. However, on the second take, it had everyone convinced that it was the color that caused an optical illusion. With a mix of white and nude, the bikini seemed to blend perfectly with Gale's color tone. 

Thanks to the white part of the bikini, fans were left scratching their heads and taking another look at the picture. The white portion of the bikini had everyone convinced that the bikini was shaped in an unusual manner. Only with the second take did one realize that the nude color was also part of it. 

"Had to do a double-take with that nude bikini," read one comment. Another added, "Thought you were naked haha." Meanwhile, others could not stop themselves from commenting on her beauty as one comment read, "stunning" while another questioned, "Are you serious!!! 🤯🙌🏽" as the picture left them shocked. 

Gale is known for putting racy pictures that leave everyone shocked. She recently uploaded a picture in a bathtub where she was covering her modesty with the help of soap bubbles. "Just gonna stay here where the corona can’t catch me," she wrote as she posed for a picture. 

Fans were quick to comment on the post as one comment read, "Hottie! 🔥🔥 My same mood in this quarantine." Another wrote, "You're a goddess."

It looks like Gale has managed to set some heart racing with yet another picture. 

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