'You' star Victoria Pedretti drops out of Alice Sebold biopic 'Lucky' after rape controversy

It was unknown when the 'You' star dropped out. This is the latest development after the movie lost funding earlier

                            'You' star Victoria Pedretti drops out of Alice Sebold biopic 'Lucky' after rape controversy
'You' star Victoria Pedretti and Alice Sebold (Getty Images/Twitter)

'You' star Victoria Pedretti has reportedly dropped out of Alice Sebold's memoir-to-movie adaptation after developments that the man the author had accused of rape in 1981 was exonerated this week. Pedretti, best known for playing Love Quinn in the hit Netflix series was all set to star in the movie adaptation of Sebold's memoir of the same name, 'Lucky'. Earlier, it was also reported that the movie was dropped after losing financing and the latest piece of news of the actor opting outcomes after Anthony Broadwater, the man accused of raping Sebold was absolved.

Per The Daily Mail, executive producer Timothy Mucciante hired a private investigator, Dan Myers after noticing some 'inconsistencies in Sebold's take. He was later fired after he rebuffed a suggestion that wanted the rapist to be cast as a white man and not a black man. Talking to AP earlier this week, the EP said he started poking around and trying to figure what really happened. The exoneration process began in 2010 when Sebold signed a deal with Netflix to adapt her memoir into a movie.


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Mucciante found the man Broadwater, 61, accused of rape living in Syracuse with his wife. He had spent 16 years in prison for the 1981 rape that was the focal point of her memoir that came out in '99. Sebold wrote the memoir about how she was raped in a tunnel by a black man when she was 19 and was a first-year student at Syracuse University in 198. The book sold well over a million copies. The man was convicted in 1982 and after she identified him as the rapist.

Since these developments, Sebold has been mysteriously absent. So far, the author hasn't commented on the verdict, nor has she issued an apology to Broadwater. In our previous coverage, we highlighted that she lives in a $6 million mansion in San Francisco, brought in 2007. In that memoir, Sebold was open about identifying the wrong man from a police lineup. "I placed my X in the number five box. I had marked the wrong one," she had written.

Meanwhile, Broadwater did various jobs for a living after being released from prison. He eventually married a woman per The Daily Mail, but said he never wanted to have kids. "'We had a big argument sometimes about kids, and I told her I could never, ever allow kids to come into this world with a stigma on my back,' he said. "On my two hands, I can count the people that allowed me to grace their homes and dinners, and I don't get past 10. That's very traumatic to me."

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