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Victoria Beckham slammed for using 'ill-looking model' in new campaign, followers ask her to use 'all body types'

The fashion designer hoped that her latest clothing range would catch the public eye but the frame of the model caught people's attention with one asking her to "feed the model."
Victoria Beckham (Getty Images)
Victoria Beckham (Getty Images)

Fashion designer Victoria Beckham was slammed on August 30 by critics on social media after she promoted her clothing range with a photograph of an "ill-looking, skeletal" model. The 45-year-old had shared a picture of a woman wearing a white chain print dress on her official Instagram account.

Although Beckham had hoped that her latest clothing range would catch the public eye, it turned out that it was the frame of the model in the picture that caught people's attention. One social media user wrote: "#feedthemodel she's gonna die if she skips another meal. Sad to see an icon such as you promoting these ill-looking models."

This is not the first time Beckham has courted controversy over her choice of models as many other users commented that her casting of women models appears to be getting "skinnier and skinnier."


"I can't believe this woman has a young daughter and she still thinks using models like this is OK. She needs to use all body types in her campaigns!" another user wrote.

While a third user added: "Are [your models] getting skinnier and skinnier what are you teaching your daughter and other young girls. This is so wrong Victoria. I thought they were banning this. Really not a good look I'm astonished this picture has got so many likes and loves!"

"Scary to look at. Even more scary to think how ill she must be," another said, as one added: "Give her a happy meal! She looks ill!"

The famous fashion designer shared a slew of pictures of models posing in the street outside the Lloyds Building in the City of London last week. She was also seen wearing the same dress five days ago in a photograph posted on Instagram.

The dress, first worn by the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle at the Commonwealth Day service at Westminster Abbey in March, has become an iconic VB style. 


In March 2016, Victoria Beckham had received criticism over a GIF of a model she posted on her Instagram page. The GIF showed a young, blonde-haired model turning left and right against a backdrop of the New York skyline. Although that post received 32,000 likes, many users called out the designer for using a model they felt was "way too thin."

In September 2015, multiple fans also complained that Beckham had sent a "parade of skeletons" down the catwalk at her Spring/Summer 2016 show in New York. The use of thin models garnered a lot of criticism on social media with one user remarking: "Another show of skeletons. They don’t look healthy at all."

Beckham, in response, during an interview with Telegraph, said: "They're young, they're thin, but that doesn't mean they're ill."