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'Windy City Rehab' Season 3: Fans slam Alison's 'tacky' designs and time management

Fans are still not happy with the new flipping projects on the new season 'Window City Rehab' and questions the network's decision of still continuing to air it
Alison Victoria in 'Windy City Rehab': Season 3 (HGTV)
Alison Victoria in 'Windy City Rehab': Season 3 (HGTV)

After viewing two consecutive subpar flipping projects, fans are criticizing HGTV's decision to continue airing 'Windy City Rehab.' Fans have been critical of the new season of the show, which began on April 21 with new episodes airing every Thursday.

Alison Victoria is best known for her role on HGTV's 'Windy City Rehab,' a show that is renowned for having more than its good share of drama. For years, Victoria and her former business associate and co-star, Donovan Eckhardt, have been embroiled in a slew of problems, including fraud, permit violations, and shoddy repairs. Despite this, 'Windy City Rehab' has returned for Season 3 — with Victoria restoring homes in Chicago on her own, presumably against all odds. Victoria suffered last season because of finances and as viewers will discover, she's still not out of it. It will take a long time to repair everything. However, she is working on more client projects this season, as well as some projects outside of Chicago.


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She has one more property to flip with her old business partner Eckhardt; her new build on a six-bedroom home in an ideal location should bring in top price, but major delays force the budget to be cut in half to prevent a massive loss. As she rushes through the entire process to make ends meet, fans are certainly not happy with the rework. With everything going on in the financial front of the business, banks refused to lend her money for her new projects. Victoria may have lost touch with what she truly likes to do, "designing," while securing more funding. Until now, this season has been all about her "putting out fires" rather than doing what she enjoys.


The viewers of the show have grown tired of the same old theme and design layout. They took it to social media to express their feelings about her new work. One of them wrote on Twitter: "Is it just me or are Alison Victoria’s designs tacky and kind of ugly a lot of the time…? #windycityrehab"




Victoria's focus on the project has also been hindered by her working on a shoestring budget and continuously running back and forth to obtain finance, according to fans. On the platform, a tweet read: "Okay…so the antique, now painted, mantle is installed and she’s just realized there’s no firebox? #WindyCityRehab"



Another fan chastised her for spending too much time in the antique shop, remarking, "Maybe if Alison Victoria spent more time supervising her projects and less time in the antiques store she might have noticed that the water meter was in the wrong place. #windycityrehab"