'Love & Listings' Season 2: Taylor forces Ajani to confront Andrew and fans ask her to mind her business

Fans felt that it wasn't Taylor's place to force Ajani to confront Andrew

                            'Love & Listings' Season 2:  Taylor forces Ajani  to confront Andrew and fans ask her to mind her business
Ajani Scott, Taylor Schwartz, and Andrew Clinkscale (VH1)

Season 1 of 'Love & Listings' ended with Ajani Scott revealing to everybody that she slept with her engaged co-star Andrew Clinkscale. As soon as she backed up her allegations with the thirsty texts that Andrew sent her, everybody was confused and torn about who to believe - Ajani or Andrew. While Andrew called her a 'liar' and refused to agree that he slept with Ajani, she, on the other hand, seems to have given up on that battle. 

Following the huge blowup, Ajani's former nemesis Taylor Schwartz decided to firmly stand up for her, despite Andrew being her boss. Season 2 of 'Love & Listings' opened with Taylor and Ajani getting along really well. Ajani told Taylor how Andrew calling her a 'liar' took a hit on her reputation, which in turn affected her career. Taylor then took it upon herself to clear the air and nudged her friend to confront Andrew and clear up the matter. 

Later that evening at a party, Taylor dragged Ajani along to corner Andrew and confronted him. She began talking to Andrew by asking him about his wife and marriage while waiting for Ajani to jump in and confront Andrew. Ajani however decided that it isn't worth her time to confront Andrew or pick a fight with him, so she stayed mum. Later, Taylor pulled Ajani aside and began yelling at her for not confronting him and wondered if her accusations held any truth to them.

When Ajani tried explaining to Taylor that she picks her battles carefully, instead of hearing her out, Taylor lashed out at Ajani. When fans saw how invested Taylor seemed to be about Ajani confronting Andrew, they began wondering why. A fan wrote, "Why does Taylor keep pressuring Ajani to approach Andrew...  #LoveAndListings." Later Taylor explained that she quit her job under Andrew and moved to another real-estate firm just to support Ajani and she felt like Ajani wasn't doing enough to justify all the sacrifices her friends made to stand by her.

After hearing Taylor's reasoning on why Ajani needed to confront Andrew, fans advised her to 'mind her own business'. A fan tweeted, "Taylor how about you mind your business for once? If Ajani doesn’t want to intervene with the whole Andrew situation, then mind your place and stay out of it. Ajani is grown and she can fight her own battle. She doesn’t need your to do it for her  #LoveAndListings." Another fan expressed, "Bruhhhhhh she cares about this Andrew situation more than Ajani does. Just shut upppp alreadyyy #LoveAndListings." "I can't understand why Taylor saw it fit to bait Ajani into beating a dead horse, which is the fling and subsequent denial of said fling, that starred both her and Andrew. Like girl, let it go and let it leave. #LoveAndListings," expressed a fan. Another fan pointed, "Taylor acting like he slept with her and played her... Sis you more mad than Ajani #LoveAndListings."

'Love & Listings' Season 2 airs on Mondays at 9/8 c only on VH1. 

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