'Love & Listings': Jacob still keeps talking about his father Suge Knight, tired fans say 'just close a deal'

Fans are done hearing Jacob speak endlessly about his father and hsi woes all the time

                            'Love & Listings': Jacob still keeps talking about his father Suge Knight, tired fans say 'just close a deal'
Jacob Knight and Suge Knight (Getty Images)

It's season 2 of 'Love & Listings' and Jacob Knight still continues to talk endlessly about his father Suge Knight. Season 1 of the show featured Jacob trying to rebuild his family's and his life after the arrest of Suge. We saw Jacob struggling to come to terms with his new life which wasn't as extravagant as he was used to and making peace with his father's absence from his life.

Initially, a lot of fans felt sorry for Jacob after watching how much he missed his father. Fans were thrilled for Jacob when he decided to get into celebrity real-estate business. By the end of Season 1, we saw Jacob still trying to crack the real estate license exam while continuing to miss his father.

So, when we tuned in to Season 2 we were hoping to see Jacob as a successful real estate agent, living up his dream of "rebuilding the family legacy". But unfortunately, we were greeted with the same Season 1 Jacob, who spent almost every single second of his on-screen time raving about his father and venting about how his family got affected after Suge got sent to prison.

Unlike Season 1, fans are no more sympathetic towards Jacob and his woes and feel that he should just stop talking about his father and focus on building his career. A fan tweeted, "How many seconds can Jacob be on camera before he mentions Suge? #LoveAndListings." "#loveandlistings What does Jacob do besides talk about his dad, Suge?," wondered a fan. Another fan wrote, "Jacob is about to tell us for the 100th time how he suge knight son  #LoveAndListings." "Here come Jacob and his woe is me and my daddy is suge Knight and he in jail and I have an ugly baby mama that I don’t like #loveandlistings," expressed a weary fan.

Another fan shared, "Jacob, we get it, Shug Knight is your father. Now close a deal #LoveAndListings."

"If Jacob doesn’t find his identity outside of his father, pleaseeeee do not bring him back. The people are tired of hearing “Suge” every three seconds. #LoveAndListings," commented a fan. Another fan advised, "**sigh** so I'm just gonna say it... Jacob create a name for YOURSELF baby boy. You keep saying "Suge son this...suge son that...my dad...dad...dad..." yes you look like him but don't nobody know you as that. I promise you'll go further as just Jacob #LoveAndListings."

'Love & Listings' Season 2 airs every Monday at 9/8 c only on VH1.  

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