'Love & Listings' Season 2: Jacob says he doesn't hang out with 'ugly girls', fans say he got one pregnant

'Love & Listings' Season 2: Jacob says he doesn't hang out with 'ugly girls', fans say he got one pregnant
Suge Jacob Knight (Getty Images)

The much-awaited Season 2 of 'Love & Listings' is back. A lot has changed in the lives of our favorite celebrity real estate agents since we last saw them on Season 1. Jacob Suge Knight made a big announcement on the premiere episode. He not only revealed that he finally got his real estate license but also that he was expecting a child with his new lady, Angie.

While we couldn't be happier for Jacob, he, however, seemed to have some hesitation about settling down with Angie. When his dear friend and fellow cast member, Taylor Schwartz, asked him if he was going to marry Angie, he explained that he was only 23 and that it was too early for him to think of all that big stuff. Taylor then asked him if Angie knew that he was just hanging out with her.

While he tells Taylor that she is aware of it and has no problem with them hanging out together, he paints an entirely different picture in his confessionals. In the confessional, he reveals that Angie is extremely territorial and doesn't really like him being around Taylor because Taylor is very attractive. He then adds that he only hangs out with good-looking girls because 'ugly girls' don't sell houses. He continues rambling awkwardly about how he isn't too keen on spending time with ugly girls and prefers the company of only attractive girls. 

Fans weren't pleased with Jacob's views on 'ugly girls' and slammed him for it. A fan tweeted, "I know Jacob isn't talking about someone body being UGLY cause #LoveAndListings." Another fan wrote, "Jr Suge Knight: Ugly girls can't help me sell houses Also Jr Suge Knight: Not that I'm calling any girl ugly Me sarcastically: No sweetie, you're not. Keep going! #LoveAndListings."

Several fans pointed out that despite Jacob's claims of not liking 'ugly girls', he got one pregnant. A fan commented, "The fact that Jacob said he can’t hang with ugly girls, but his baby mama is not on the pretty side her damn self #LoveandListings." Another fan expressed, "Jacob your baby momma is not cute! So you got nerve talking about you don’t hang with ugly girls. #LoveAndListings." Another said, "You don’t like to hang with ugly girls but got one pregnant #LoveAndListings."

'Love & Listings' Season 2 airs at 9/8 c on VH1.

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