'Love & Listings': Ajani slammed for crying over 'cheater' Andrew, fans remind her Terryn is waiting for her

Fans wondered why Ajani was crying over Andrew when she has a handsome boyfriend

                            'Love & Listings': Ajani slammed for crying over 'cheater' Andrew, fans remind her Terryn is waiting for her
Andrew Clinkscale, Ajani Scott and Terryn (VH1)

The real-estate agents of 'Love & Listings' took off to Palm Springs with the hopes of clearing their head and resolving some of the pesky issues lingering within their group. But unfortunately, drama seems to follow this group no matter where they decide to go. The latest episode of VH1's hit real-estate reality show saw Ajani Scott getting into a fight with her boyfriend Terryn over her former hookup Andrew Clinkscale's presence at Palm Springs.

While Terryn expressed his discomfort and unhappiness with Ajani choosing to go on a getaway where her former fling would be present, the real-estate agent felt that he was being unfair to her by trying to stop her from going on a fun trip with her work friends. Unfortunately, their issue was never resolved, but Ajani packed her bags and left for her fun vacation.

The sneak peek clip for the upcoming episode shows Andrew's arrival at the villa. As soon as Andrew arrives, the atmosphere changes. Ajani, who was having fun while unwinding with the girls, suddenly became upset on seeing Andrew. In the clip, we see Ajani crying her eyes out while expressing how she feels terrible on seeing Andrew. Her fellow agent and friend Samantha Barretto tries to understand what's upsetting Ajani so much. So, we see her asking Ajani if she still has feelings for Andrew while she continued sobbing hysterically. 

While we do not get to see Ajani's response to Samantha's question, fans are already annoyed with Ajani's behavior. They are unhappy with the real-estate agent for crying over Andrew when she has her boyfriend Terryn waiting for her back home. A fan tweeted, "Ajani crying over Andrew when she got that dude at the house waiting on her to get back? Mm... #LoveandListings." Another fan shared, "This b***h crying over Andrew!?! SERIOUSLY???? Everytime Taylor brings him up they telling her to 'let it go' but every time someone else mentions him Ajani is crying & whining over this fool GTF!! #LoveAndListings." 

"If Ajani cries over Andrew ONE MORE TIME. #LoveAndListings," wrote an annoyed fan. Another said, "Ajani crying over Andrew... girl you deserve better #LoveAndListings." Another fan echoed similar thoughts with, "Idk what Andrew put on Ajani but sis acting like this man is the crème de la crème. He’s a lying cheater, has a bad personality, & isn’t cute, GET OVER HIM ALREADY! #LoveAndListings."

'Love & Listings' Season 2 airs every Monday at 9/8c only on VH1.

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