Dick Miller, best known for his roles in 'Gremlins' and 'The Terminator', passes away at 90

The veteran actor, who is known for his role as Murray Futterman in the 1984 classic horror film 'Gremlins', passed away on Wednesday

                            Dick Miller, best known for his roles in 'Gremlins' and 'The Terminator', passes away at 90

Veteran actor, Dick Miller who was best known for his roles in 'Gremlins' and 'The Terminator', has passed away at the age of 90. 

His death was due to natural causes and it happened a month after he celebrated his 90th birthday. The actor is survived by his wife Lainie, daughter Barbara and his granddaughter, Autumn, who were with him at the time he passed. "His sense of humor and the unique way he looked at the world won him many lifelong friends and worldwide fans," his family had said in a statement.

(Source: Twitter)
(Source: Twitter)

Born on December 25, 1928, Miller had served in the US Navy before heading off to college. He started work with Bellevue Hospital Mental Hygiene Clinic and the psychiatric department of Queens General Hospital and it was during this time that he took to performing on Broadway.

One thing led to another and he soon made the move to California where one of his earliest roles was in 'Apache Woman' in 1955. He met director/producer Roger Corman and he got his iconic role as Walter Paisley in 'A Bucket of Blood' in 1959.

Miller has also a history of director partnerships with the likes of famous directors like James Cameron, Ernest Dickerson, Martin Scorsese and most famously, Joe Dante, who used Miller in almost every project he did. His 60-year career boasts of more than 175 movies and more than 2,000 TV appearances. 

Miller, in one of Dante's earlier films,'Piranha', played Buck Gardner who was a small-time real estate agent opening a new resort in the Lost River Lake. The other notable appearances of the actor include the 1986 movie, 'Night of the creeps'.

He was seen sharing the screen with the famous actor, Tom Atkins. Miller was cast as a police ammunitions officer named Walt, who supplied the necessary firepower in the time of an alien worm-zombie invasion to Tom Atkins. He was also cast as a pawnshop owner in the 1984 James Cameron's hit 'The Terminator'. The actor went to deliver yet another hit in the same year in one of Dante's films, 'Gremlins'.

Dante, a good friend of Miller took to Twitter to express his grief:


Writer and director Edgar Wright wrote "RIP Dick Miller, surely the king of character actors. A friendly, funny face in Gremlins (1&2), Piranha, the original Little Shop Of Horrors, Not Of This Earth, After Hours & my personal beatnik fav, Walter Paisley in 'A Bucket Of Blood'. Any role of his was cult movie nirvana."

One of the fans took to Twitter to say "That is some 'body 'of work he leaves behind for us all to continue to enjoy."