Vet says her two female pugs are in a lesbian relationship as they 'lick each other' and one 'mounts' the other

Vet says her two female pugs are in a lesbian relationship as they 'lick each other' and one 'mounts' the other

A vet has claimed that her two female pugs are in a lesbian relationship, revealing that one of them "mounts" the other.

In a clip posted by ITV's 'This Morning' on their YouTube channel, hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby are shown welcoming Christine King, the co-owner of White House Kennels in Weston-super-Mare, who claimed that her two pugs Pugly and Nelly have come to "love" each other.

King said that it wasn't always this way and classified their initial relationship as "poor," and that when she first got Nelly as a pup, she would often attack Pugly and bite her. But she said the pair "gradually" began to love one another.

When Schofield asked how she can be sure that her dogs are gay, King explained that she sees "on average 80 dogs a day in our facility" and that Pugly and Nelly "exhibit an intensity in their relationship that you would regard as a bonding."

"The first thing they do in the morning when they open their eyes is they greet each other," she said. "They lick each other's faces, they lick each other's ears, they sleep together in close contact. So they have to have physical contact and it's almost painful if they haven't."

Christine King claimed that her two pugs, Pugly and Nelly, are in a lesbian relationship (Source: YouTube)

"Then it progresses and when things get very exciting during the day, that may overspill into some 'extra activities,'" she added, revealing after a little push from Schofield and Willoughby that Pugly "mounts" Nelly.

King said that the two pugs were very happy with each other at the moment but admitted she was concerned about what the future holds if one of them were to die. "They do have a love," she said. "The only thing that worries me about all of this is that if we lost one, one of them would pine. They would suffer. They really love each other."

Dr. Simon Miller, who is the talk show's resident vet, weighed in with his opinion and said gay relationships have been reported across thousands of species around the world, insisting that these animals were "exhibiting normal behavior."

Miller said the behavior should not be looked down upon and that it should be celebrated. "It is a natural behavior," he stressed. "It's not nurtured. You can't learn or be taught to be gay. You are what are. We should learn a lot from animals. If it's happening naturally then we should just celebrate it."

King's appearance on the talk show came ahead of the release of Channel 4's documentary, 'My Gay Dog and Other Animals,' which explores homosexual relationships between animals and which has claimed that 1 in 11 sheep are gay.

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