'Very Cavallari': Justin Anderson says he's protective of Kristin, wishes Kelly fought harder for her friend

Justin and Kristin have been friends for years and met when they were 18

                            'Very Cavallari': Justin Anderson says he's protective of Kristin, wishes Kelly fought harder for her friend
Jay Cutler, Kristin Cavallari, Justin Anderson, and Austin Rhodes (Jake Giles Netter/E!)

'Very Cavallari' is nearing its end, with the season finale set to air on March 19 on E! Throughout the season, though we got to know a lot about Kristin Cavallari's life right from the opening of her second store for Uncommon James, the mini Hills reunion, her fall-out with Kelly, her trip to Italy to get to more about her ancestors to her best friend, Justin Anderson, moving to Nashville with his boyfriend Austin Rhodes.

Justin Anderson opened up to MEA WorldWide (MEAWW) about his relationship with his boyfriend, Austin Rhodes. During their housewarming, the talk about their marriage was brought up by Austin's mom. Talking about it, and if there are marriage bells anytime soon, Justin shared, "Things are going well with Austin and I. We are enjoying the slower pace of Nashville. Austin’s mom threw me off with the wedding talk but maybe should be expected from a mom." 

Justin is Kristin's friend and is a major part of this season. He is a hairstylist and also has his own podcast where he interviews A-list celebrities and the contestants from the 'Bachelor' franchise. He and Kristin have been friends for years and met when they were 18. 

After moving to Nashville, Justin and Austin stayed at Kristin's old house that was up for sale. Later, the couple bought their own house and moved.

Justin also weighed in on Kristin and Kelly's friendship, and the drama surrounding it. "She’s moved far beyond her old drama days for sure. Seeing Kristin in her Nashville world is like a whole different person. I wish Kelly would have fought harder to save her friendship with Kristin. I feel like she just didn’t want to put in the work anymore," he said.

Kristin and Kelly were best friends until rumors about her having an affair with Kristin's husband surfaced and stormed the internet. When the series premiered with the new season, Kelly was no longer appearing in it. Justin tried to get to the bottom of their drama and have a conversation with Kelly, but it didn't go as planned.

Justin revealed that he had heard about Kelly's fall-out from Kristin. "I had heard from Kristin for a while that Kelly wasn't being the best friend anymore. Friendships require a lot of love and attention as we get older and busier, and I just don’t think Kelly was making their friendship a priority anymore. I realize that I am protective of Kristin, but this fall-out was hard for me to see because it really upset Kristin."

We asked Justin if he was in touch with Kelly after she stormed out mid-conversation, earlier when the season premiered. He said, "Communicating with friends is something I love to do and I really made the effort with Kelly, mainly because I wanted to help Kristin out, but I saw firsthand how Kelly isn’t the best in communicating. She didn't want to see Kristin's side or take any responsibility. The way she walked out on the conversation said a lot. I had a feeling I wouldn’t hear from her again and it makes me sad because I thought we were gonna have fun in Nashville together." 

Teasing what we can expect from the forthcoming episodes, Justin shared, "A lot of fun in Italy. Maybe I had too much fun and scoot might be a little upset with me." Talking about the memorable moments while shooting for 'Very Cavallari', Justin shared, "Honestly getting to spend so much time around my best friend, Kristin, again has been so memorable. It's been a while since we've gotten to spend time in the same city." 

'Very Cavallari' airs every Thursday nights only on E! Check your local listings for more information.

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