'Very Cavallari': Jay Cutler's newfound love for donkeys and pathetic ax-throwing skills have fans adoring him

A lot went down this week but what stood out most for viewers was Jay's obsession with miniature donkeys

                            'Very Cavallari': Jay Cutler's newfound love for donkeys and pathetic ax-throwing skills have fans adoring him
Jay Cutler (E!)

Tonight's episode of 'Very Cavallari' brought out a side of Jay Cutler that fans are loving and want more of.

Last week when 'Very Cavallari' aired, we saw the wild side of Kristin Cavallari as she opened up about being quite the troublemaker while growing up. From stealing her step-brother's car, having sex, smoking marijuana to getting arrested a few times, Kristin has done everything your mom would have warned you not to do. We also got to see a supportive side of Jay as he stood by Kristin when she was working on her new store in Chicago.

Back again this week, a lot went down, but what stood out most for fans and viewers was Jay's failed ax throwing skills and his obsession over miniature donkeys. Kristin, Jay, Justin Anderson and Scoot go out ax throwing and it was nothing but unlimited fun to see them try and hit the bullseye.

While Kristin got it right with her first try, it was fun to see Jay constantly failing to get the ax to land on it. His frequent trial and failure had fans enjoying his reactions and frustration each time he didn't make it. The next standout that had fans obsessing over Jay was when he convinces Kristin to think about getting miniature donkeys for their ranch. 


He takes Kristin to a farm named 'Half Ass Acres'. While Kristin first struggles to get the donkeys to come near her, Jay was front up feeding them grass from his hand. Jay was enjoying every moment petting the miniature donkeys. It was like watching a child enjoy a day at a petting zoo. We also see Kristin dancing with the donkeys and just like that she found her furry leg friend too.

After the couple leaves the farm, the next day Jay reveals that they will have to pet sit a few donkeys in order to see if they are ready for the commitment. By the look of Kristin and Jay having the time of their lives petting donkeys, looks like the Cavallari-Cutler family might be adding a new addition to their ranch.

Fans took to Twitter to share their thoughts on Jay and his obsession with the donkeys as well as his failed ax throwing. "I loved how @KristinCav got the Axe on the bulls eye on the first try and jay couldn’t Girl power @verycavallari," a fan wrote. 

"Yesssss to Jay Cutler yelling at his axe like Happy Gilmore," a fan shared. Another said, "Jay sucking at axe throwing is the best thing I’ve seen all week #VeryCavallari."

"All Bears fans must be laughing at how awful Jay Cutler was at axe throwing on tonight's #VeryCavallari as that was his entire career with them," a fan wrote. While another said, "I'm getting a donkey and naming it Jay Cutler. Or I'm getting two donkeys and naming them both Jay Cutler. #VeryCavallari." 

"'But anyways, some donkeys are gonna be stopping by.' Jays quote of the episode! Oh my God he’s hilarious #VeryCavallari," a fan wrote. Adding to that another said, "@verycavallari @KristinCav I've been on the fence about Jay until he said 2 important words 'miniature Donkeys'. Now maybe he isn't dead inside." 

"Get Jay some fucking miniature donkeys! He needs some love and hobbies #verycavallari," a fan wrote. While another said, "Well if she doesn't want to go with Jay to look at some donkeys, I'll go with him. But seriously, there are lots of places that you can adopt unwanted and abused donkeys. Please check them out #AdoptAnAss #EveryAssDeservesAHome." 

'Very Cavallari' airs at 9/8 C every Thursday only on E! Check your local listings for more information.

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