After Instagram LIVE battle with Teddy Riley, fans say Babyface will never be 'on the world wide web AGAIN'

Although their battle had to be rescheduled to Monday night, Teddy Riley was still running into technical difficulties in the rematch which left Babyface as the clear winner

                            After Instagram LIVE battle with Teddy Riley, fans say Babyface will never be 'on the world wide web AGAIN'
Babyface and Teddy Riley (Getty Images)

Looks like Teddy Riley might never live this one down. After the Instagram Live Versuz battle between '90s legends Babyface and Teddy Riley ended in a farce on Saturday night — both hit producers ran into technical difficulties — a rematch was announced on Monday night, 8 pm ET. This was supposed to be a showdown between two great producers, but it ended up turning into a live roast of Teddy Riley. Babyface demurely entertained half a million people singlehandedly after Riley ran into connectivity issues yet again.

While both men are now in their 60s, they are definitely certified legends in the production game. Riley helped introduce the new jack swing sound in the 1990s and produced hits for Mary J Blige, Michael Jackson, Blackstreet and Lady Gaga. Meanwhile, Babyface, besides his remarkable solo career, helped produce hits for everyone from TLC and Whitney Houston to Backstreet Boys and Madonna.

Babyface and LA Reid attend YouTube Music 2020 Leaders & Legends Ball at Atlanta History Center on January 15, 2020, in Atlanta, Georgia (Getty Images)

Babyface showed up prepared on Monday night, clad in a burgundy suit and an arsenal full of his hits, but Riley was left out in the cold after being kicked off the stream and was left scrambling to rejoin the Instagram Live Battle. The IG Live mix-up didn't go unnoticed. "Babyface just got off of his live to go to Teddy's live, and Teddy just got off of his live to go to Babyface's live lmaooo," said one tickled fan.

This showdown was part of the ongoing Verzuz series, first started by producers Swizz Beatz and Timbaland in order to entertain fans during the quarantine period. Many more producers started getting onboard the action after that, including Mannie Fresh vs Scott Storch, Hit-Boy vs Boi-1Da and Ne-Yo vs Johntá Austin.

Teddy Riley attends his being honored with a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on August 16, 2019, in Hollywood, California (Getty Images)

While Babyface patiently waited for Riley to rejoin the battle, he started entertaining the half-a-million viewers on his own, pulling off his own live concert singlehandedly, while Teddy was still talking to him in the chat. Fans noted how slick Babyface was being. "Babyface only asking Teddy questions to set up his next song.... and Teddy falling for it each time. Like he really here thinking these are genuine questions" and "Babyface got me dying, this dude is the most respectful, graceful, disrespectful person in battle history."

Fans were swooning after Babyface aka Kenny Edmonds pulled out his acoustic guitar and started singing for the crowd. The fans couldn't contain themselves especially after he started playing Eric Clapton's version of 'Change The World', which he helped produce. Here's a full rundown of their setlist.


Fans were declaring Babyface the champion of this Versuz battle, saying, "Babyface is the clear winner. But Teddy is a good sport." Other fans who were having fun at Riley's expense concluded, "This hasn’t been a Babyface vs Teddy Riley event. It’s been a Teddy Riley roast with Babyface hosting." 

Fans were laughing at the absurdity of the situation and joking that the 11-time Grammy winner Babyface should keep his dignity intact and never surface on the net again. One fan said, "Babyface will never be on the world wide web AGAIN in life."

In the end however, it was the viewers who won. "The culture. The hits. The legends. Babyface. Teddy Riley. I thoroughly enjoyed tonight, despite the 'difficulties.' I love my people," said one thoroughly entertained fan. Singer Toni Braxton also concurred. "There is no battle, you know who's winning? Us. The culture," she tweeted.

We can't wait to see who turns up next for these Versuz battles because they are thoroughly entertaining, technical issues or not.

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