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'Veronica Mars' reboot trailer sees Kristen Bell back home in Neptune to solve a series of bombings

'Veronica Mars' is back in Neptune, California, after a decade and this time around, the crime she is investigating is a lot more dangerous

In 'Veronica Mars', we see Kristen Bell in the titular role stepping back into those old comfortable shoes of the private investigator in Neptune, California. It has been a decade since she left the town that was her home for 19 years. While initially, she did want to escape the confines of all that was familiar, now she is back to her town, taking over her father's detective service business.

While in the teaser Veronica seemed ready to tackle all that could happen in the small town over the course of the summer, which did not seem like much, the trailer that dropped June 14 introduces us to characters and a plot that is darker, and very different from what fans of the 90s version of 'Veronica Mars' series would be used to. 


What we can tell from the trailer, however, is that there is a serial killer in Neptune who uses bombs to destroy the lives of people and has to be stopped as soon as possible. Of course, there is a wry sense of humor when it comes to how Veronica now pursues life, which is pretty much in keeping with her character.

For instance, she is looking at a mug shot of someone and is clearly not happy about what she is looking at when her father asks her if everything is fine. She replies, "Nothing a strip club can't fix." Looking at her father who is taken aback as she adds, "What? You're always saying we don't do enough father-daughter stuff."

A still of Keith and Veronica Mars. (Source: Hulu)

It is spring break, Mars is about to enjoy a good game of beach volleyball, her man Logan Echolls (Jason Dohring) is back on extended leave, things are finally looking up and then boom! She hears a bomb blast, gets embroiled in an investigation and realizes the killer could be someone she knows. That's where things get exciting and that is what we are looking forward to in Hulu's 'Veronica Mars' which will air July 26.