'Venom' spoilers: Tom Hardy's anti-hero may get a villain he truly deserves in rumored sequel

'Venom' spoilers: Tom Hardy's anti-hero may get a villain he truly deserves in rumored sequel

It is no secret that Sony was betting big on the Tom Hardy-led Spiderverse inaugural movie 'Venom'. Amidst much anticipation, the anti-hero flick recently premiered in the UK and, if the first reactions are any proof, the 'Venom' makers already seem to be gearing up for a sequel. 

And why not? Superhero franchises have not only proven to be moneymakers but also fruitful in the long term. Marvel being a case in point. Unlike Marvel's roster of comics characters, though, Sony is marching ahead with a slew of villains and relatively darker characters with direct ties to the Spider-Man Universe. Hence, the spotlight on journalist Eddie Brock (Hardy) and his alien symbiote, the Venom.

In their first outing, Eddie Brock tries to take down Carlton Drake, the notorious founder of the Life Foundation (Riz Ahmed). An obsession that almost costs Eddie "his career and his relationship with his girlfriend Anne Weying (Michelle Williams)."   


"Twisted, dark, unpredictable, and fueled by rage, 'Venom' leaves Eddie wrestling to control dangerous abilities that he also finds empowering and intoxicating," describes the official synopsis. "As Eddie and Venom need each other to get what they’re looking for, they become more and more intertwined — where does Eddie end and Venom begin?"

This is a question best answered by the direction 'Venom' takes after its mixed-bag of a first run. As of now, here's a quick breakdown of the post-credit scenes, which, in more than one way, help set up what could be the next installment to this franchise.

The next supervillain?

Midway through the closing credits, movie-goers are introduced to Woody Harrelson-played Cletus Kasady. Now, this should set off alarms as Kasady is locked up in the maximum security prison at San Quentin. Not only is he capable of being a worthy nemesis to Eddie's alien alter ego, his parting words are more than ominous. 

"When I get out of here, there will be carnage," he says. While the word carnage sounds quite frightening, it is the word's comic book association that we are more concerned about. In the books, Carnage is described as a symbiote whose most notable host is Cletus Kasady. Carnage also serves as an adversary to Spider-Man and an archenemy to Venom.

Does this point to where the 'Venom' franchise is headed?

Tom Hardy-starring 'Venom' arrives in theaters on October 5 (Getty/Sony)
Tom Hardy-starring 'Venom' arrives in theaters on October 5 (Getty/Sony)

Cool transition 'Into The Spider-Verse'

Not that significant in terms of the 'Venom' plotline, the second post-credit scene actually serves as a transition of sorts into the Miles Morales-led animated Spider-Man Universe. The scene offers a quick sneak peek of the upcoming 'Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse' movie with flashes of Miles' supercool powers, including the Venom blast.    

'Venom' releases in the US on 5 October.

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