Former vegetarian says she only eats animals she has killed as it is 'more ethical than factory farming'

Former vegetarian says she only eats animals she has killed as it is 'more ethical than factory farming'

A former vegetarian and mother, Rachel Carrie, 35, revealed that she is feeding her family with meat from animals that she has shot and killed herself. 

Rachel, who is from Yorkshire, has shot and cooked a large number of animals the past year.

The animals include 80 pheasants, 40 ducks and around 125 pigeons.

The self-proclaimed animal lover claims that vegetarians and vegans should regard her as an ally and a friend. 

Rachel Carrie only feeds her family meat that she kills (Instagram)

While speaking to The Sunday Times, she shared, "Vegetarians and vegans, shooters and hunters must be trained. We are not the enemy, we have a common ground."


Rachel said her lifestyle choices are ethical and then went on to explain the subject of deer stalking. 

She shared that, if you get a clean, straight shot through the heart, the animal doesn't even know you were there.

"It didn't suffer, it wasn't scared. It didn't get transported miles and miles to an abattoir," she added.

Rachel is planning to share her views with all those who attend next Sunday's The Game Fair which is England's largest gathering of shooters and hunters and will take place in Hatfield House, Hertfordshire.

Rachel works as an environmental impact assessor and revealed that the realities of factory farming made her turn to be vegetarian at the age of seven. 

Rachel Carrie has shot over 80 pheasants, 40 ducks and around 125 pigeons (Instagram)


She stayed a vegetarian for around five years until one day her father brought home Harris's hawk which is a bird of prey and took her out to find rabbits.

Rachel revealed that she had never eaten any store-bought chicken or beef but was able to eat the rabbit stew. 

She further argued that vegetarian lifestyles can actually lead to the displacement and killing of wildlife.

While referring to animal welfare issues surrounding the production of meat on a mass scale, she explained that hunting offers someone the chance to get all the nutritional benefits from meat but with no guilt. 

Rachel also shared that there is an abundance of game in the UK and would like to see more people eating the animals.

She insisted that she was not trying to convert any non-meat eaters.


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