'Made For Two': VAV return with bittersweet release as Baron departs for enlistment, fans hail 'masterpiece'

The video features a sound and visuals perfectly suited for the Korean fall season

                            'Made For Two': VAV return with bittersweet release as Baron departs for enlistment, fans hail 'masterpiece'
VAV in 'Made For Two' (A Team Entertainment)

South Korean boy band VAV is back with its sixth EP, 'Made For Two', released alongside its title track of the same name that features an interesting blend of Korean and Scandinavian pop.

VAV, shortened from 'Very Awesome Voice', debuted in 2015 with the EP 'Under the Moonlight'. The A Team Entertainment group consisted of seven members: St Van, Baron, Ace, Jacob, Zehan, Gyeoul, and Xiao, and their debut was co-produced with the mass media company CJ E&M. The following year, they dropped their second EP 'Brotherhood', later releasing a repackaged version of the release. Rather suddenly, the group saw a lineup change with Xiao and Zehan departing in 2016 followed by Gyeoul in 2017. Three new members were added one month after Gyeoul's departure: Lou, Ayno, and Ziu. The new team dropped VAV's third EP, 'Spotlight', in 2018, and a fourth EP 'Thrilla Killa' followed in 2019.

VAV in a still from 'Made For Two' (A Team Entertainment)

VAV followed the releases with a summer special single titled 'Give Me More' featuring Puerto Rican singer De La Ghetto and Grammy-winning production duo Play-N-Skillz. Several versions of the track followed, including a Play-N-Skillz remix, a Spanish version, and an instrumental. The group's fifth EP 'Poison' dropped in the latter half of 2019, with the lead single and its instrumental counterpart being co-composed and co-written by Hui. And now the group returns with their sixth EP 'Made For Two', a six-track release to be promoted by six members, owing to Baron's enlistment in the military earlier this month.

The EP is crafted to demonstrate the group's musicality and growth, and to that end features much more participation from the members. Thematically, the album reflects the idea of love and the end of a relationship, though it points more to a temporary separation with the promise of meeting again. Given Baron's temporary departure to fulfill his duty to his country as well as the lineup changes the group has seen, this seems like a rather bittersweet way for the group to honor their bandmates while also delivering a record that is perfect for the Korean fall season.

VAV in a still from 'Made For Two' (A Team Entertainment)

Naturally, this being the last comeback Baron participated in before he enlisted, it serves as quite an emotional journey for both the group and their fans. In particular, a scene featuring the members taking a picture together has tugged at the heartstrings of fans who are finding it difficult to maintain their composure. "This scene absolutely broke my heart," tweeted one fan, "I am bawling my eyes out here at work. When Baron ran & turned back, that was it! Beautiful mv," shared another, and one fan said, "I wish I could stop CRYING."






Fans also shared their love for the video itself. One tweet read, "OMG!!! So perfect!~So beautiful! Thank you VAV," another fan said, "Boys, this was so awesome," and one fan stated, "ALL I CAN SAY IS STREAM THIS MASTERPIECE." Admittedly, this is one of the most visually stunning releases to come out of K-pop this year, and it certainly is the perfect way to kick off the season.






Check out the music video for VAV's 'Made For Two' below.


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