'Vanderpump Rules' finale: Max tells Dayna not to forget that he 'hired' her, gets slammed by fans for being on 'power trip'

Fans didn't appreciate the tone Max was taking with Dayna in the middle of their fight when he reminded her that he 'hired' her.

                            'Vanderpump Rules' finale: Max tells Dayna not to forget that he 'hired' her, gets slammed by fans for being on 'power trip'
Dayna Kathan and Max Boyens ((Photo by Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images))

There is no coming back for Max Boyens after he tried to pull down his ex-girlfriend and co-star Dayna Kathan by throwing the fact that he hired her to work at the restaurant. Things between Max and Dayna have been rocky for a while after their abrupt breakup. Although Max still harbored a soft spot for Dayna, he tried to act tough by pretending like he wasn't bothered with her moving on. He slept with a string of girls immediately after their breakup, but when Dayna and his best friend Brett Caprioni started getting close, it bothered him.

He made a huge fuss about Dayna being interested in Brett and attacked the couple about it. In an earlier episode, we saw things get ugly between Dayna, Brett, and Max, when Max threw a hissy fit about Brett and Dayna making out. Things ended on a bad note between the trio by the end of the night. Dayna finally sits down with Max and asks him what his problem is. She asks him why it bothers him so much about what she is doing with her life when they have broken up. Max explains that he didn't like the fact that she was dating Brett when there are so many other guys in LA she could have gone out with. 

Dayna then points out that he already slept with five girls since their breakup, and he has a problem with her kissing Brett. She shuts him down by saying that he is trying to make her look like a bad guy. To which Max responds by demanding her to get off her 'high horse', and calls her the bad guy. When Dayna began getting annoyed, Max simply gets up ready to walk away. As he is about to leave, he turns back and tells Dayna not to forget that he 'hired' her to work at SUR. Max ends the conversation by telling Dayna to stay in 'her lane', while Dayna explains that she is in her lane. 

Fans weren't even remotely impressed with the way Max behaved with Dayna, and how he tried to assert his power over her. A fan tweeted, "Wow. Disgusted by the “I hired you” comment. Max is on a power trip and should be firreeddddd #vanderpumprules #pumprules." Another fan wrote, "No Max. “Don’t forget I hired you here” sounds like a threat of Dana’s job because she isn’t complying to how you think she should behave sexually. And it’s now on camera. #PumpRules." Fans began demanding that Max be fired for sexual harassment. A fan shared, "Max keep bringing up the hiring and since you slept with the help .. let’s call it sexual harassment and fire your a** since you like to bring up you hired her. #pumprules." "Yeah as someone who manages people- Max needs to watch that well I am the one that hired you crap. Especially when talking to someone he slept with. #PumpRules," observed a fan. 

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