‘Vanderpump Rules’: Fans surprised to learn Tom and Katie's wedding was not legal, wonder if it was just an act

‘Vanderpump Rules’: Fans surprised to learn Tom and Katie's wedding was not legal, wonder if it was just an act
Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney (Getty Images)

 Much to our dismay, the never-ending wedding marathon of Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright continues on ‘Vanderpump Rules’. Just as we were beginning to make peace with watching another one of Jax’s groomzilla tantrums and Brittany crying at the drop of a hat, Tom Schwartz saved the day.

All the guys assembled in Stassi Schroeder and Beau Clark’s room and discussed Jax’s upcoming wedding and Tom then revealed a big secret. Remember the big wedding of Tom and Katie Maloney-Schwartz, a few seasons earlier, well, it turns out that the wedding might not be legally recognized after all.

Tom announced to the group that he lost their marriage certificate, as the whole group gasps in surprise at this startling revelation. Tom then explained to them that while Katie handled all of their wedding arrangements, his sole responsibility was to obtain a marriage license. The TomTom owner managed to lose it and surprisingly he doesn’t think it’s that big of a deal. In his green room interview, he wondered what the fuss is all about as it is “just a piece of paper”.

Later, when Stassi asked Katie about it, she too seemed unfazed by it and admitted that Tom lost their license and joked about not inviting Kristen Doute to her next big wedding. While fans were surprised to know that Tom and Katie are not legally married, they couldn’t help but wonder if it was on purpose.

A fan tweeted, “Tom and Katie aren't even married? Did the marriage license part really slip Tom's memory? Or was it a freudian slip of sorts.... #vanderpumprules #pumprules.” Another fan wrote, “Tom and Katie aren’t legally married? I wonder...on purpose? Hmmmmmm......his way out whenever she drives him crazy... Bravo Tom Bravo #PumpRules.” “Tom and Katie got “married” for the wedding presents. Just say it! I hate when a******* do that nowadays without admitting it. #PumpRules,” commented an annoyed fan.

A fan wondered why Katie would even leave such a big responsibility to Tom, who is well known for his absentmindedness. “Im.pretty sure I wouldn't have let tom be in charge of something as important as the marriage license. This man couldnt even handle a bartending shift. #PumpRules #vanderpumprules.” “If Katie trusted Tom to file the marriage secret [certificate], then she didn’t really want to get married to Tom. #PumpRules,” speculated a fan.

Another fan who is convinced that the couple got married just for the cameras expressed, “Katie and Tom never got a marriage license? So you've been filing your taxes as single? WTF? Once again confirming these people get married for the camera not for real love. What idiot doesn't get a f***ing marriage license before the wedding? #PumpRules.” “So that's why Katie didn't care that Tom cheated on her after less than a year of being married.......because they weren't really married #PumpRules #BravoTV It's all making sense,” pointed out a fan.

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