‘Vanderpump Rules’: Sandoval slammed for the way he treats Stassi, viewers say he was 'way out of line'

‘Vanderpump Rules’: Sandoval slammed for the way he treats Stassi, viewers say he was 'way out of line'
Tom Sandoval and Stassi Schroeder (Bravo)

In case you’ve been missing Stassi Schroeder go all “Stassi” on someone this season, then worry not. Because the latest episode of ‘Vanderpump Rules’ featured Stassi going all out on TomTom co-owner Tom Sandoval. We know that Stassi is a smart girl and doesn’t lose it until something really sets her off, so in case you’re wondering what upset this blonde reality star, then here is how it all went down.
Stassi was supposed to end her book tour at TomTom in the company of her friends and fans. She took permission for hosting the event from Lisa Vanderpump, the major stakeholder of TomTom, and Tom Schwartz, the other co-owner of TomTom. She left out Sandoval from her plans and relied heavily on Schwartz for all the planning and logistics. This stung Sandoval, and although he and Schwartz planned the logistics of the event beforehand, on the night before the event, he sends a nasty text to Stassi. In the text, he threatens to throw Stassi out of “his” bar and tells her that no bartenders are available at the event and even expresses his frustration at not being informed about her event in advance. Mind you, he sends all this at 2 am.
So, Stassi wakes up to the text and is already upset over it. She makes her way to the event and then goes over to Sandoval and confronts him if he has a problem, considering she brought a large number of paying customers to the bar thanks to her event. Sandoval gets a bit petty and simply says that she didn’t tell him about it. This is when Stassi goes ballistic and calls him names and accuses him of behaving so coldly because she “didn’t kiss the ring”. She then adds that she took permission from Lisa Vanderpump. Sandoval annoys her further by suggesting that Lisa isn’t too involved with TomTom. Stassi then yells at him saying, “Lisa owns most of this bar. I did a walkthrough with Schwartz while you were having a boys’ night. How dare you come in here right now and do this! How dare you! How dare you! You selfish, egotistical, piece of s***.”


After his little face-off, Sandoval immediately calls up Lisa’s husband Ken Todd and complains about Stassi and how she misbehaved in front of the customers.

Fans called out Sandoval for mistreating Stassi and then going ahead and tattling about it to Ken. A fan tweeted, “I’m sorry, but Stassi is right. Sandoval is outta line and he f***ed up, he’s jealy beanz. #PumpRules.”

“I am a Sandoval apologist through and through. But, I side with Stassi on this one ☝️ . #PumpRules,” wrote a fan.
Another fan pointed out, “Well when it’s her event and she’s bringing them business they wouldn’t otherwise get, and the owner rage texts his client before her event, yes, she’s entitled to be a little, well... entitled.  She did nothing wrong, and Sandoval was way out of line. #PumpRules.”

“Whether Stassi paid for the space or not, she brought in 50 - 60 paying customers who bought a ton of alcohol. And it was Schwartz who decided not to charge her. She WAS a client and Sandoval was wrong from every direction. #PumpRules,” echoed another fan.
Several fans began questioning Sandoval’s bizarre behavior. A fan commented, “What the H*** is wrong w/ Sandoval??! @stassi did *nothing* wrong. I would've reacted the exact same way if I had been sent those disrespectful text messages! What an a******. Thank God @twschwa was there to be mature & a good friend. #PumpRules #VanderpumpRules #TomTom #Stassi.”

“Sandoval, I think your ego has gone to your head.  You may be an 1/8 of an owner but LVP gave her the ok and she talked to Schwartz.  It was fine and YOUR the one who came in yelling in front of customers, you started this but Schwartz and Stassi finished it. #PumpRules,” pointed out a fan.

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