'Vanderpump Rules' star Lala Kent says acting is her passion and that she won't kiss goodbye to reality TV yet

'Vanderpump Rules' star Lala Kent says acting is her passion and that she won't kiss goodbye to reality TV yet
Lala Kent (Morgan Lieberman/Getty Images)

With dreams of becoming an actress, Salt Lake City native Lala Kent moved to LA and soon found herself in front of cameras. Although she was in the limelight, it wasn't exactly the way she envisioned it. She ended up becoming a popular reality television personality, thanks to 'Vanderpump Rules'. Fast forward a few years and Lala is now busy attending the Sundance festival to watch her movie. We think it is safe to say that the reality star has come a long way.
At the Sundance Festival, we ran into Lala and sat down with her to get the scoop on her film being screened at the festival, her acting career and if she plans to leave the reality TV world. We asked the reality star how she felt about her acting career taking off. She explained how she has always wanted to have a film at the Sundance festival.

"That's exactly what I wanted to do. I moved to LA to be an actress and I was lucky enough to be a personality on 'Vanderpump Rules'. But I mean, I grew up in Salt Lake, a part of the arts. I would come up to Sundance wanting so badly to have a film here one day. And here we are. It's crazy," said the 30-year-old star.

When we asked her how she celebrated the news of her film 'Spree' being screened at the Sundance Festival, she had a rather interesting way of celebrating the big news.

Lala, who is currently practicing sobriety, revealed, "I celebrate in a very different way now that I'm sober. I ran home. I got in bed with my fiancé. We ordered pizza and just like talked about how far I've come. I never imagined that when I got the phone call from Eugene saying we have great news. We got into Sundance. I freaked out. I keep smiling. I kept smiling. I'm very excited."
We could not help but wonder how her 'Vanderpump Rules' co-stars reacted to the news, so we asked her that.

Lala shared, "I don't really tell people much about what I'm doing until it's happening. So like a bunch of my friends, especially from the cast, we're like, you want to hang out this week? And I was like, I'm going to Sundance. I have a film there. And they're like, well, why didn't you tell us? So they were very sweet. They're very supportive of everything. I'm really in love with all of them."


Lala Kent attends Critics' Choice Real TV Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on June 2, 2019, in Beverly Hills, California (Rich Fury/Getty Images)

In case you are wondering about Lala's film 'Spree', we got you covered.

Explaining about her character she said: "I feel like my character is like what I've always wanted to be like. She's very loose, very fun. She just wants to have the best time ever. She is uninhibited. And the one thing is that she just seeks people out that are wanting to have a good time. And in my real life, I'm more safe. I'm like stranger danger. So I loved playing her." 'Spree' is about a man's obsessive desire to go viral online and Lala plays the role of Kendra in it.
The film boasts of an impressive casting with actors such as Joe Keery, David Arquette and Sasheer Zamata. We asked her about her experience of working with such big names and if she got any acting advice from them. She began explaining about the misconception everybody has about reality stars lacking talent, but luckily she got some solid advice from Joe Keery which eased her into her role. Joe apparently asked her to forget about the cameras and pretend like she's having the best time, and that worked like a charm for her. 


Now that she has gotten her big break as an actress, does it mean that she will kiss goodbye to reality TV?

"You know what? I feel like I'm good at concentrating on both. Yeah. I love 'Vanderpump Rules', what it's brought to my front door has been amazing. But acting is my passion. So I'm going to find room for both," says Lala.

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